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Wednesday 11 September 2013

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  1. A message from the Education and Skills Director

  2. Inclusion and Skills Update

  3. Schools meeting with Capita - 17 September 2013

  4. Request for Schools' data from NHS

  5. National pay award for staff agreed

  6. Budget Forecast

  7. School funding adjustments

  8. Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)

  9. Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) - information for parents

  10. Enhanced Secure Access (SA) System

  11. Apprenticeships - Employer information

  12. Updated School Bag Courier Service – 2013-2014

  13. Celebrating Success

  • Headteachers
  • Professional Development
A message from the Education and Skills Director

I would just like to introduce myself as the new Education and Skills Director for Barnet. I took up my post on 4 September and have been busy meeting senior colleagues across the Council and in the Children Service and being briefed about some of the key challenges facing us in Barnet. I am keen to extend this to meetings with headteachers and visits to schools.

My last major role involved running the DfE’s National Strategies’ programme as Managing Director of Capita Strategic Children’s Services. Previously I was Director of Education and Deputy Chief Executive in Newham.
I feel privileged to be working in such an innovative and high-performing authority with such a large proportion of excellent schools. I know it will be a challenge to bring real added value to the partnership between us, but I can say that I bring 20 years of experience of partnership working with schools and of involvement in key national education initiatives. I am very clear that most schools are now very self-sufficient and require little or no support from the local authority. At the same time, I am committed to collaborative system leadership and am determined to ensure that the Council offers value for money services and excellent support to schools that require it.

I look forward to meeting school colleagues over the coming weeks and to working in partnership with you to build on the excellent standards that already exist.

Ian Harrison
Education and Skills Director
Inclusion and Skills Update

For Information

Over the summer the Children and Families Bill Project Team has continued to prepare for the implementation of SEN reforms.

The Local Government Association held a workshop, which we attended, discussing the Draft Indicative Code of Practice on Special Educational Needs and inviting feedback and comments from local authority and NHS colleagues. The Draft Indicative Code of Practice can be found through this link. The next draft is expected to be published late September.

The Department for Education’s commissioned local authority Pathfinders have continued to report on their progress and experiences with new ways of working set out in the Children and Families Bill and the evaluation of the new processes is available here. The DfE has also funded the Preparing for Adulthood Programme (PfA) as part of the delivery support for the SEN and disability reforms.

The Preparing for Adulthood Programme is delivered by a partnership between the National Development Team for inclusion, the Council for Disabled Children and Helen Sanderson Associates and has been supporting Pathfinders with the Transition strand of work. This support forms part of the wider Pathfinder Support Programme.  

All Pathfinders will be covering transition in their development of a 0-25 single assessment process and Education, Health and Care plan and a number of Pathfinder sites will be looking at preparing for adulthood in depth with support from the Preparing for Adulthood team. The Preparing for Adulthood website has some useful information about developments in this area and the reforms overall. 

In Barnet we have been speaking to colleagues across the local authority and voluntary organisations in order to begin the co-production process and ensure that parents, children and young people are at the heart of the new approach to SEN. Co-production is the term the DfE are using to emphasise the greatly enhanced role it expects parents in particular to play in planning services for their children. We are establishing working groups to develop the Local Offer, new assessment process and personal budgets for families and will shortly be inviting Heads and SENCOs to contribute to these.

Also as a reminder, we would still like to hear from schools, partners and parents about the Local Offer of provision and services and preparing to meet future need in Barnet. The link is available here. Again, please help us to get a good response by forwarding this survey to staff and parents.

If you have any feedback or queries about this project, please email

Ian Harrison
Director of Education and Skills
Schools meeting with Capita - 17 September 2013

For Information

A reminder that all headteachers are invited to attend a presentation by the council and representatives from Capita on Traded Services. This will take place on Tuesday 17 September 8.30 -10.30am in Conference Room 1 at North London Business Park.  We have scheduled the meeting to avoid the first few busy weeks of term and hope that this time is convenient for you.

From 1 September 2013 Capita has been delivering a number of Traded Services to schools and representatives from Capita are keen to meet with headteachers to talk through their plans for the services and to hear any questions that you might have.

It would be helpful to have an indication of the numbers attending in order to facilitate catering arrangements. If you would like to attend, and haven’t already done so, then please email to confirm your attendance.

Jennifer Burt
HR Lead and Mobilisation Programme Manager

Alison Dawes
Head of Education Partnership and Commercial Service
Request for Schools' data from NHS

For Information

A number of you have contacted us for some advice about the letter sent to all head teachers about the Child Health Information Hub (CHIH) and the request that you provide information on all of your pupils to the school nursing service. As the data controller this is your decision to make however our advice to schools at the moment is not to provide any data while we investigate further with the NHS if there is a legal basis for the sharing of this information without consent from parents and how schools should submit this data as the email address provided in the letter would not be a secure method if sent from a school email address.

We are also suggesting that there be an information sharing agreement between schools and the CHIH to detail this arrangement as it is to be a regular occurrence.

When we have further information on this we will let you know.

Paul Kennedy
Data Systems and Assurance Manager
National pay award for staff agreed

For Information

It was  announced on 19 July 2013 that staff paid under NJC (National Joint Council for Local Government Services) and GLPC (Greater London Provincial Council) pay schemes will receive a 1% pay increase as a result of national pay bargaining. The pay agreement also includes increases in allowances from April and the deletion of Spinal Column Point 4 with effect from 1 October 2013.

The pay award is applicable from April 2013 and has been paid into staff bank accounts in the August salary payments (i.e. on 31 August) including any back pay.

The pay award is the first increase for council and school support staff since April 2009 and has been agreed by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services, which includes representation from local government employers and the major trade unions.

Staff paid on other pay schemes e.g. Soulbury, Hay etc., are not impacted by this pay award; as these pay schemes are subject to review at a future period.

Please see the enclosure section for a copy of the updated pay scales. Any questions around payroll issues should be directed to HR Connect on 020 8359 4444 or email

Deborah Shaw
Schools Business Partner
Human Resources

Budget Forecast

For Information

As you will be aware you are required to prepare two Year-End Budget Forecasts each year. The first is at the end of September and due in to the LA by Friday 11 October 2013.

The spreadsheet provided should be used and returned electronically, after approval by the Headteacher indicating his/her agreement/authorisation. This should be sent to (The Schools Accountancy Section does not require a signed copy but a signed copy should be kept on file in school for audit purposes).

The Budget Forecast spreadsheet and guidance notes, giving advice on forecasting and instructions on the use of the spreadsheet will be emailed to all school offices.

The forecast provides a summary of approved virements the school wishes to submit to make changes to their original authorised budget.

I hope you will find it helpful in your financial reporting, both for Heads, who need to approve it, and Governors who need to be aware of the school's financial position.

To those of you purchasing the SFS Helpdesk service that need advice on using the spreadsheet please contact the School Support Helpdesk on 8359 7231; if you require on-site assistance in preparing the Year-End Forecast please contact Kim Garrood (8359 7221) of the School Support Service to see if assistance can be purchased.

If you have any queries with this requirement please contact me on 8359 7228.

Faz Saeed
Acting Senior Management Accountant, Schools Accountancy,
Finance Directorate

School funding adjustments

For Information

Revised school funding sheets will shortly be available on the website

These incorporate a large number of changes affecting many schools, including, Devolved Formula Capital to community schools; corrections to high needs allocations at special schools and additional resourced provisions; bulge classes and expansions, exclusions; summer term early years funding, adjustments for the conversion of three schools to academy status; medical pathways and corrections to 6th form funding.

Schools will already have received the first autopayment in July, and the second will be paid at the end of September. The remittance is shown on the website.

Several extra reports have been added giving extra details about special school funding, ARP allocations, early years, and statements.

Please note that under new funding regulations, the EFA has informed us that we cannot ‘redetermine budget shares in year’ (i.e. change a school’s funding under the main funding formula). This includes any adjustment  for actual NNDR invoices where it is different from the funded estimate. However we can make the adjustment in the following year, so please keep sending in copies of your invoices if you want to claim an adjustment which will appear on your 2014/15 funding allocation next February.  Caretaker’s council tax is not funded separately, it has been absorbed into the AWPU.

Please contact the School Funding Team ( if you have any queries on your allocations.

Carol Beckman
School Funding Manager
Deputy Chief Executive Directorate
Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)

For Information

Schools are reminded that completion of the Standard is compulsory during 2013/14 and schools should make plans to complete and approve a submission this term.

The Standard is a requirement for all local authority maintained schools. It consists of 23 questions which governing bodies should formally discuss annually with the head teacher and senior staff.

Schools may recall from my feedback from last year that the key points are:
  • schools should answer all parts of a section’s question
  • the aim is not to have all “yeses” but deal with matters requiring action.
The form is on the Funding & Finance website.

Action required

It has been agreed at the Schools Forum that all Barnet schools should submit their completed assessment form no later than 31 January 2014, though earlier submission would be appreciated.

  • the electronic submission (word format) should state the name of the school and chairperson and the date of meeting it was approved
  • completed returns should be emailed to 
  • the signed copy should also be sent in to Schools Accountancy.
Any questions can be sent to the Schools Accountancy team or myself at

Nick Adams
Schools Finance Services Manager
Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) - information for parents

For Information and Action

We are currently undertaking the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) 2013 and would like your help to ensure we are gaining the views of parents and carers in the borough. Please see the letter in the enclosure section for all parents. We would really appreciate it if you could send out the letter to all your parents using your parents mailing list requesting them to complete the CSA online survey which will be closing on the 15 September 2013.

The views of parents and carers are very important to us. We need to understand what the barriers are that affect parents taking up childcare as well as what challenges they may face to enable them to get back to work.

Tas Anjary
Project Officer
Family Support and Early Intervention

Enhanced Secure Access (SA) System

For Information

We will be writing separately to schools regarding this issue early in the new Academic year, but in view of the importance of the information below, here is an early warning note to schools to make you aware of the impending change.
An enhanced version of Secure Access (which is used to access COLLECT, s2s and Key to Success) will be launched on 9 December 2013.

This enhanced version will introduce an ‘Approver’ role within each organisation to allow authorised users in Schools to create and administer accounts for individuals to access connected systems with their own set of login credentials. 

An Approver will have the same access as an End User (these are the school users of COLLECT, S2S and KTS, and any future connected applications), but with additional user management privileges to enable them to administer SA accounts for individuals within the same organisation.    

Approvers will have access to a User Management screen where they will have the ability to:

  • search for users within their organisation
  • add new user accounts
  • view user accounts
  • edit and archive user accounts
  • add and remove access to Departmental systems as required by the requestor and, where access is granted to COLLECT, specify/select the data collection(s) that are able to be accessed by the requestor.

School Users

Within schools, a nominated member of staff (who could be the existing account holder for the shared account) will undertake the approver role and, to make this change, there will be a “one off” process for the nominated member of staff to claim the Approver role. This process will be initiated on first log in to Secure Access from 9 December 2013 and should be undertaken as soon as possible from that date.

Thereafter any requests from members of staff for new accounts or subsequent changes to accounts, including access to data collections within COLLECT, should be directed to the approver for that school rather than the SA Service Desk. Following completion of the ‘claim’ process, the nominated member of staff will be the approver for that organisation and will therefore be able to undertake user administration as set out above and as requested by their school users.

Guidance on Secure Access is available at and this site will be regularly updated to reflect the changes.
Alexandra West
Data Team Manager (E) and
Data Governance Champion

Apprenticeships - Employer information

For Information

Barnet Council has received funding from the National Apprenticeship Service to provide a dedicated member of staff to support local employers in taking on an Apprentice aged 16 to 18. We will help you to understand how an Apprenticeship works and explore whether this is right for your business. We will also assist you in finding the right training provider to meet your needs. All we need from you is a Job Description of the role you are looking to create.

The training provider will help you with identifying suitable good quality candidates for you to interview and some offer a work trial period prior to your decision.

We will be able to offer this service until December 2013, so please do take advantage.

If you would like to hear more, please contact Frances Errington, Employer Support Officer for Apprenticeships on 020 8359 7204 or

For general information visit

Please see the enclosure section for more details.

Frances Errington
Employer Support Officer for Apprenticeships

Updated School Bag Courier Service – 2013-2014

For Information

Schools not opting into the School Bag service as of September 2013:

Nursery and Primary Schools                                             
Secondary Schools                                                

Alma Primary
Christ Church Primary School
Etz Chaim
Grasvenor Infant
Martin Primary
Menorah Foundation



The Archer Academy
The Compton
East Barnet
Finchley Catholic High
Hasmonean High
Queen Elizabeth's (Boys) Academy
St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox         
St Michael`s Catholic Grammar
Wren Academy

Kristine Cronhelm
NQT and Schools Support Officer

Celebrating Success

For Information

Akiva School

Akiva School has gained accreditation as a Thinking School from The Cognitive Education Centre (CEC), University of Exeter. With the award of Thinking School status, which was the culmination of a three year process, the school is the first in Barnet to join a network of schools nationwide that put the teaching of thinking at the heart of learning.

Schools interested in hearing more about this approach can contact Akiva via the BPSI Professional Development Exchange.

Mathilda Marks-Kennedy
Mathilda Marks-Kennedy School has achieved Outstanding (GOLD) status of STAR Accreditation for their work to improve sustainable travel.

Heeral Patel
Communications Officer


  • Spreadsheet re: Updated pay scales
    All Schools 

    Spreadsheet giving details of the updated pay scales as a result of the agreed national pay award for staff. Please click on the above link for further details.


  • Letter re: Childcare Sufficiency Assessment letter for parents
    All Schools
    URGENT – Action required by: As soon as possible

    A letter asking parents to complete an online survey to enable us to understand what barriers effect parents when taking up childcare as well as challenges they may face to enable them to get back to work. The survey closes on 15 September, please ensure you circulate the letters as soon as possible. Please click on the above link for further details.


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