Issue 01

Wednesday 06 September 2017

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  1. Case Studies of Schools Achieving Savings

  2. Secondary Transfer Application

  3. Community Schools' use of 'Agency' or Self-Employed Contractors (IR35)

  4. Children Missing from Education: Updated Guidance

  5. School Finance Support Services - Changes

  6. Exclusion from School

  7. Change of SEN Caseworker for Schools/Settings

  8. School Funding Adjustments

  9. 2017 School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document

  10. 2017-18 NQT Induction Arrangements

  11. Upcoming Central Speech Language & Communication Courses from HIST

  12. Autism Training

  13. Signs of Safety

  14. Barnet CCG: Important Guidance for Parents

  15. Sunnyfields Primary School eSafety Award

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  • Professional Development
  • School Meeting Dates
Case Studies of Schools Achieving Savings

For Information

At the first meeting of the Schools Financial Sustainability Working Group in July, the group, consisting of education and finance officers, headteachers and a school HR manager, suggested that one potential way of helping schools with financial issues would be to gather and share some practical examples from schools of ways in which they had been able to make significant savings.  In particular the group was keen to receive from schools:

  • case study examples of any ways in which schools have made significant savings, that might be useful for other schools to know about   
  • examples/case studies where schools have grouped together to drive bargains on procurement   
  • any examples from federations of significant cost savings arising from the formation of the school federation   
  • examples of where small schools have worked with each other to achieve cost savings.

We’d be grateful if you could send any case studies or examples to E& at your earliest convenience – but ideally by the end of September.

Ian Harrison
Education and Skills Director

Secondary Transfer Application

For Information

FAO Headteachers of all Barnet Primary Schools with Juniors on Roll

In the enclosures section of this week’s School Circular is a copy of the letter concerning the distribution of Secondary Transfer application information to parents of Year 6 children.  The information should be distributed to parents no later than Friday 8 September.

Liz Ferrie
Admissions Team Manager
020 8359 7652
Community Schools' use of 'Agency' or Self-Employed Contractors (IR35)

For Information

From 6 April 2017, the way in which individuals are engaged on a supply, agency or self-employed basis changed. HMRC rules are complicated but, simply, an individual who is engaged in work which is the 'normal work' of the organisation cannot be engaged on a self-employed basis. Situations where it is clear that the individual can be engaged as 'self-employed' will be where there is a short term project and they are retained on a contract for services. For a community school this could be an individual working on an IT or building project. It should not be an individual involved in the normal teaching, management or administration of a school regardless of the circumstances. In this situation they should be employed on a contract of employment which may be temporary or fixed term.

The consequence of inappropriately engaging an individual as ‘self-employed’ is that HMRC will see the employing organisation as being responsible and the total costs of what should have been paid by the individual as PAYE and NI will fall on the employing organisation. There is little or no legal ability to pass on any such payments to the individuals concerned. HMRC are closely monitoring what is being done.

It is the Council’s recommendation that no-one should be engaged as 'self-employed' unless there is a clear case for the work that they are doing to be categorised as outside of the IR35 rules. Community Schools are responsible for the application of the HMRC rules and should contact their HR supporting organisation if they require any further clarity or support.

Ian Harrison
Education and Skills Director
Children Missing from Education: Updated Guidance

For Information

Head teachers are advised of our updated guidance on Children Missing from Education, especially in respect of children missing from school as a result of parental dispute and extra requirements relating to children being removed from roll for Elective Home Education. The revised forms are attached in the enclosure section.

Please contact me for further information at or 8359 7716

Trevor Orr
Education Welfare Team Manager
School Finance Support Services - Changes

For Information

As part of a reorganisation of the finance service provided to the Council, the management arrangements for the Schools Finance Support Services have changed.

Nick Adams’ role has been amended to concentrate solely on the Council’s statutory and school challenge functions, with the Schools Accountancy team. His revised working days/hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Gary Topp has left the Schools Accountancy team to work in another part of finance. Issues previously referred to him should be sent to the Schools Accountancy email.

The Schools Finance Support Service will continue to be led by Julie Vazquez. Julie continues to be supported by the two Team Leaders – Claire Mugridge and Shaheen Louise. Julie will also be supported by Kim Garrood who will be working alongside Julie Vazquez, 3 days per week Monday - Wednesday, strengthening the management of the SFS team. She will ‎continue her role as Schools Services Manager and you should continue to contact her with any CSG Traded Services enquiries.

Both Nick Adams and Julie Vazquez will report to Nickie Morris, Head of Finance.

Gillian Clelland
Assistant Director of Finance
Customer and Support Group (CSG)
Exclusion from School

For Information

The DfE has updated the 2012 guidance, Exclusion from maintained schools, academies  and pupil referral units in England.  This new guidance is in effect from 1st September 2017.  Exclusions that commenced in the academic year 2016/17, and are still subject to review, should be considered under the 2012 guidance.

I have refreshed the fixed term exclusion model letters and 6th day referral form and you will receive these by direct e-mail.  If you do not receive this e-mail please contact Nick Burr on  If you require a model permanent exclusion letter please contact me on

‘The legislation governing the exclusion process remains unchanged. This statutory guidance has been updated in a small number of areas, in particular to provide greater confidence to head teachers on their use of exclusion and to provide greater clarity to independent review panels and governing boards on their consideration of exclusion decisions.’  Please note that this guidance is clear in that exclusion letters must contain specific information, as suggested in the model letters. 

Please see some key clarifications in the following paragraphs:

  • 3
  • 5
  • 15
  • 20
  • 31
  • 53
  • 54
  • 60
  • 79

Annex B, non-statutory guidance for head teachers, is both an aid to head teachers when considering exclusion and school governors when reviewing exclusions.

Website for the 2017 guidance:

There is no need for schools to send me a copy of every exclusion letter.  However, working in-line with the guidance, schools must send to me a copy of:

  • Permanent exclusion letters (with a current 6th day referral form)
  • Any exclusion which would result in the pupil being excluded for a total of more than five school days (or more than ten lunchtimes) in a term
  • Any exclusion which would result in the pupil missing a public examination or national curriculum test.

The new guidance also sets out a requirement for schools to inform their GB and the LA of all exclusions once a term.  Schools may be in a position to send a SIMs/Integris report or a zip file, no paper please.

Jane Morris
School Safeguarding and Exclusions Officer
Change of SEN Caseworker for Schools/Settings

For Information

FAO SENCOS/Headteachers

We have had some changes in staff and because of this you may find that the SEN Caseworker for your setting has changed. Your new SEN Caseworker will be in contact with your setting, please see enclosures section for details of your Caseworker.  As the transfers come to an end you may experience further staff changes. However, where possible, these staff changes will be minimised.

Transfers from Statements to EHC Plans finalised during the summer holidays 

You will find that we have had to finalise some of the Education, Health and Care Plans transferred from Statements of Special Educational Needs during the summer holidays. This is due to the statutory timeline that we have had to meet. If you would like to discuss the content of any of these plans please contact your SEN Caseworker. 

Outstanding transfers of Statements to Education, Health and Care Plans

As a part of the transfer review process for our children and young people with Statements of Special Educational Needs we will be formally requesting education advice from your school or setting for all remaining pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs.  The statutory requirement is for this advice to be provided to us within 6 weeks of the date of the request.

In large part the year groups which will be included are Year 6 and Year 9. However, there is a selection of other children in other year groups who still have statements who we will be seeking to transfer. For those in Year 6, where possible we will aim to finalise their Education, Health and Care Plan by naming both their current setting and the Secondary School they will attend in September 2018 . We will be contacting you will a list of these children and young people.

This is in line with statutory guidance to complete the process of transferring all Statements of Special Educational Needs into Education, Health and Care Plans by March 2018.

Please contact your SEN Caseworker if you have any questions.  We enclose a copy of the advice template that we will be requesting that you complete as part of this process.

Claudia Costa
Deputy Head of SEN

School Funding Adjustments

For Information

Updated school funding allocations have been published and can be downloaded from

The main changes are:

  • Conversion of Summerside school to an academy   
  • Change in ARP provision at Coppetts Wood   
  • Business rate (NNDR) allocations have also been updated to match bills

Please refer to the News page to view the details of all other changes.

If you have any queries please contact the School Funding Team at

Claire Gray
School Funding Manager

2017 School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document

For Information

The final version of the 2017 School Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document was published on 10 August 2017 and came into force on 1 September 2017.

I have circulated a summary of the key changes plus a copy of the joint advice produced by the Trade Unions. Guidance has also been issued outlining how Capita HR Solutions will automatically apply the statutory uplifts to the minima of pay scales. All other pay increases and uplifts to the national framework must be determined by each school, based on the evidence of performance and in accordance with their own pay policy. Documents are available to view via ASK HR.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or questions about the 2017 STPCD or if you need any additional or specific advice, particularly if you are considering making any changes to your existing staffing structure. 

Deborah Shaw
School Business Partner
Human Resources

2017-18 NQT Induction Arrangements

For Information

Please see the Enclosures Section for NQT Induction arrangements for 2017-18. Please refer to the relevant information for your school phase.

Paula Hales
Senior NQT Support Officer
Upcoming Central Speech Language & Communication Courses from HIST

For Information

See the table below for central speech language and communication courses being offered by the HIST team in the Autumn Term.
 Title   Audience   Time 
 Thursday 14 September 2017  Talk Boost KS1 
 KS1  9am to 3.30pm 
  • Subscribers to HIST: 1 HIST hour per delegate
  • Non HIST schools and organisations: £150 per delegate
Book here
 Thursday 28 September 2017
 Talk Boost KS2
 KS2  9am to 3.30pm
  •  Subscribers to HIST: 1 HIST hour per delegate
  • Non HIST schools and organisations: £150 per delegate
Book here
 Wednesday 4 October 2017  Secondary Universal Training  KS3
 8.45am to 12.30pm
  •  Subscribers to HIST: Half HIST hour per delegate
  • Non HIST schools and organisations: £150 per delegate
Book here
 Wednesday 11 October 2017
 Elklan EYs Communication Counts Part 1  Early Years
 9am to 12.30pm
  • Free for primary schools
  • PVIs / Out of Borough £150 per delegate.

    EYPP can be used
For more information see the enclosure section and book here:
 Wednesday 15 November 2017  Elklan EYs Communication Counts Part 2
 Early Years  9am to 12.30pm
  • Free for primary schools
  • PVIs / Out of Borough £150 per delegate.

    EYPP can be used.
For more information see the enclosure section and book here:
 Thurs 11 Jan 2018  Early Talk Boost – targeted intervention for 3 and 4 year olds Nursery and Reception  9am to 3.30pm
  • Free for Barnet primary schools and PVIs
  • Out of Borough £150 per delegate.

    EYPP can be used.
For more information see the enclosure section and book here:

For information on all SLC courses being offered by the HIST Team, please click on this link for further details and booking forms.

Rosie Rebeiro
Advisory Teacher for SLCN (HIST)

Autism Training

For Information

Autism Education Trust Training - Good Autism Practice for Secondary Schools

The Autism Advisory Team is providing a one day AET Good Autism Practice Training focusing on mainstream secondary school settings.  The day will provide an opportunity to develop an individualised and strategic approach to support children on the Autism Spectrum in your school.  We encourage SENCos, Teachers, Learning Mentors, Teaching Assistants and all relevant professionals to attend together.  To encourage teamwork in schools we are offering places for the 2nd delegate to come free.

Autism Training for Reception Classes

The Autism Advisory Team is providing training to complement the Reception Programme being offered for all pupils on the Autism Spectrum starting in reception class in the Autumn of 2017. This is being offered at cost, £20 per delegate.  We strongly encourage teams of SENCos, Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants to access this training together as this is an opportunity to develop an individualised and high-quality approach to supporting pupils in your class. 

Kathleen Tripp
Lead Autism Advisory Teacher (Job-share)
Signs of Safety

For Information

Signs of Safety is an innovative approach to case work planning and intervention with children and families designed to support Barnet’s Resilience Based Practice model. This multi-agency 3 hour workshop will equip education staff with a basic understanding of Signs of Safety. You will learn about Barnet’s implementation plans and the application of the model across the continuum of need from early help through to children, in care as well as considering the implications within the multi-agency partnership.

Please see the enclosure section for more information.

Liz Shaw
Signs of Safety Practice Implementation Lead

Barnet CCG: Important Guidance for Parents

For Information

We know it can be a difficult time when their child becomes ill. They are presented with a number of treatment options and it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. We want to help you make the right choices so have published four guides for parents and carers.

Could schools please share the letter in the enclosure section with parents.


Tunde Adewopo
Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group

Sunnyfields Primary School eSafety Award

For Information

Sunnyfields Primary School has been awarded the 360 Degree Online Safety Mark. If any school would be interested in receiving an eSafety assembly led by our digital leaders, please contacted our IT Coordinator on
Lisa Meyer
Head Teacher, Sunnyfields Primary School







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