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Wednesday 08 November 2017

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Children's Services - Update for Schools

For Information

In order to ensure that schools are informed about the improvement journey in Children’s Services, we will now provide regular updates in the Schools Circular on key developments:

1. Children’s Services Improvement Board

The Children’s Services Improvement Board has been reconstituted as a multi-agency Board, which meets monthly. Its purpose is to monitor progress against the improvement plan and provide challenge through a number of deep dive sessions on key themes. It is chaired by Dave Hill who is an experienced Director of Children’s Services and formally President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services. He works for Essex County Council, our improvement partner. Education and schools are represented on the Board by Ian Harrison, Education and Skills Director, and Jack Newton, Executive Headteacher, Underhill Primary School.

2. Children’s Services Improvement Plan

The Children’s Services Improvement Plan has been submitted to OFSTED and the Department for Education. The plan was developed in consultation with partners and was agreed by the Children’s Services Improvement Board. We have received confirmation that OFSTED has accepted the plan as satisfactory and will monitor its implementation.

The plan is based around seven improvement themes; Governance, Leadership and Partnership, Embedding Practice Leadership, Right interventions - right time (thresholds), Improving Assessment for children, Improving planning for children and Effective communications and engagement to drive culture change.

3. Monitoring visit

The first monitoring visit by OFSTED will be on the 14/15 November 2017. The focus of the visit will be the MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub) and the Duty and Assessment Teams. In learning from other authorities in a similar situation it is key in this visit that OFSTED see that the Council and its partners accept the findings of the inspection in full, that we are closely monitoring performance, that we are moving at pace to tackle deficits and that there is evidence of momentum emerging. We hope that the visit will note some improvements in the MASH and close alignment of our case audit gradings to those of OFSTED.

In line with all other authorities the Improvement Board and the Service are not expecting that OFSTED will identify major improvements in outcomes for children at this first visit. In social care, improvements need to be consistently embedded across the whole service and this takes time.

4. Commissioner

The Department for Education appointed Ms Frankie Sulke to be a Children’s Commissioner for Barnet. She is due to report her findings in early December. Her report will be considered by the Secretary of State who will give a statutory direction to the Council about our improvement journey. We will update schools when the work around this is complete.
5. Local Children’s Safeguarding Board (LSCB)

The Board has a new Chairman, Andrew Fraser. He is an experienced former Director of Children’s Services in Enfield. He was appointed by a multi-agency panel and will bring invaluable leadership to the newly constituted board. 

Education and Schools are represented on the Executive Group of the LSCB by Neil Marlow, Assistant Director, School Improvement and Traded Services, and by the following headteachers:

  • Primary Network 1 – Alison Edmonds (Fairway Primary School and Children’s Centre)
  • Primary Network 2 – Craig Tallon (Woodcroft Primary School)
  • Primary Network 3 – Jack Newton (Underhill Primary School and Children’s Centre/ Grasvenor Infant School)
  • Secondary Network – Carolyn Laws (St. James’ Catholic High School)
  • Special Schools – Lesley Burgess (Northway Special School)

Please note that we are also working closely with Family Services and other partners on various aspects of the Improvement Plan and need volunteers from schools to help with various reviews, as follows:

  • Development of new threshold guidance
  • Providing views on functioning of MASH
  • Developing a Safeguarding Handbook with information on Family Services roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures
  • Development of new resolution process      
  • Contribute case studies on communications with Family Services 
  • Development of menu of interventions for early help

Schools should contact Jane Morris, School Safeguarding and Exclusions Officer, at if you have a member of staff who wishes to volunteer to support one of these reviews.

6. Report to the Children, Education, Libraries and Safeguarding Committee

The report to the CELS committee on 15 November sets out a range of performance and review findings:

  • Our performance indicators continue to show that visits are not be undertaken in a timely fashion. We are focussing on improving performance in that area. Visits need to be purposeful, planned and appropriately recorded on the electronic social care system
  • It sets out the significant challenges we are facing in the Duty and Assessment service in terms of case numbers and the action taken to secure the service with additional staffing and management
  • It considers the importance of effectively engaging the workforce to embrace the required changes and supporting the improvement journey. In considering this the recent conference held with practitioners and the latest Practice week findings are discussed
  • The paper considers a review undertaken by Essex of the new MASH arrangements. They identified some emerging improvements and some areas for further development which we are working on with partners
  • It identifies the success to date of the new Private fostering arrangements which has seen a significant increase in notifications and in the quality of assessments and statutory compliance.

Chris Munday
Strategic Director Children and Young People

SEN Secondary Transfer

For Information

You will have received consultations for Year 6 children with a draft EHCP (and in rare cases a statement of special educational needs) for your school for September 2018.

In this year, the secondary consultations have coincided with the transfer of statements to EHCPs. In the majority of cases there is an added statutory deadline and therefore added urgency around these consultations.

If possible, we ask that in all cases the paperwork is used as the basis of a decision to offer a place for September 2018. If there is a reason to contact the parent, please contact the caseworker before doing so and discuss the case with them. This is one action which really helps to contribute to the smooth running of the process. 
There are some children who are not in this round of consultations for a variety of reasons however we have tried to keep these to a minimum. In respect of these children we will be consulting at a later date. 

I realise that, as with every year, we are relying on the goodwill of you all to process the large number of consultations within a very short timeframe. For this we are very grateful.

Secondary School Leavers

Caseworkers will be in contact with you over the next few weeks to identify the young people who are leaving or staying at secondary school.

We have compiled a spreadsheet which helps this process and caseworkers will go over this with you.

In terms of those who are definitely leaving, it would be good to bring forward their annual review so that it takes place before 15 February, 2018.

In terms of caseworker attendance at annual reviews, it is unlikely that attendance will be possible because caseworkers are trying to transfer the remaining statements to EHCPs and we have sought to prioritise for attendance alternative years.  Please bear in mind that the outcomes for these young people reflect their chosen career path. 

Mike Connolly
Head of SEN Assessment and Placements

Single Central Record - Pre-Employment Checks

For Information

A recently commissioned audit by the CSG HR of ‘the arrangements at Schools for undertaking HR pre-employment checks prior to the recruitment of staff’ reported that:

Based on the schools visited, the overall result is that schools are compliant. However, this report highlights that:

  • Staff involved in the recruitment process will need to ensure that sufficient employee ID is photo copied in colour and that these photo copied documents are signed and dated by the person who has checked them.  These documents will need to be retained in the personnel file
  • Certificates of QTS also need to be retained in the staff file.

Jane Morris
School Safeguarding and Exclusions Officer

Pay Dates - Capita

For Information

Please find details of pay dates, including the December pay, within the enclosures section of the circular.

Deborah Shaw
Schools Business Partner

SENCO Conference

For Information

The SENCO Conference will be held at BEST Hub on Wednesday 22 November. Please see the agenda in the enclosure section. 

Joann Moore
Advisory Teacher Inclusion

Specialist Inclusion Services Parent Drop-Ins

For Information

Parent/Carer Drop-In Sessions are free sessions. They are available for parents/carers of Barnet children and young people (0-25), to share any concerns or issues, with a relevant professional. It is a stand-alone session, so this means that there is no follow-up.  The aim of this session is to provide parents/carers with an opportunity to discuss concerns, and collectively think through how to move forward with the situation.

To access these sessions parents/carers must book a place, utilising booking form in the attached flyer in the enclosures section. Please return the forms to

Please share this information with your parent/carer community and distribute the attached flyer and booking form via email and display in your setting. The sessions can only be accessed through a ‘first come first served’ booking system. In order to achieve fair access to the sessions, it is important that this flyer is circulated to your parent community as soon as possible.

Rosie Rebeiro
Advisory Teacher for SLCN (HIST)

CONNECT Staff Development Programme - Erasmus+ Funding & MFL

For Information

CONNECT - The Network for Global Learning in Education (formerly NLSIN) are running an Erasmus+ European Funded Programme - Key Action 1 & 2 Overview & Application Process and a Modern Foreign Language Learning in a Global Context  session at Haringey PDC on Thursday 7 December and hope you will be able to attend.

Please see flyer attached in the enclosure section for more details and how to apply.

Des Georgiou
CONNECT (formerly NLSIN)  Administrative Manager & Modern Language Assistant (MLA) Programme

Barnet Teaching Fair

For Information

I am pleased to inform you that on Monday 17 January 2018  we will be having another Barnet Teaching Fair. This year it will hosted by London Academy Primary School. The Fair will run from 5pm until 7.30pm. We have had great turnout for the last two years and hope to attract even more visitors this year.

The fair is for prospective NQTs, looking for appointment from September 2018, and those looking to train to teach. I am leading on the NQT side of the fair and Amanda Phillips (from London Academy) will be leading on those looking to train to teach.

Visitors will be able to visit stalls and also attend a talks.

Schools can book a table so that they can promote their school and meet NQTs face to face. If schools really like an NQT they are free to invite them into their school for a visit. In addition, each visitor will receive a pack which will include details of all schools signed up to the event. So, you can come along on the day or just have your details added to the information. I guess it depends on how desperate you are for staff in September.

All schools that come along are free to bring along materials to promote their school and attract future teachers.

We are asking every school who would like to attend or be part of the fair to pay a nominal amount £25 towards the cost of the fair.

If you would like your school to be involved please can you send an email to with the information below by Friday 10 November:

I would will be attending on the day and would like my school’s details promoted to prospective NQTs  (please highlight if true)
I won’t be attending on the day but would like my school’s details promoted to prospective NQTs  (please highlight if true)

Helen Morrison
Learning Network Inspector

SACRE Autumn Term Newsletter

For Information

Please see the enclosure section for the Autumn Term SACRE Newsletter.

Anna Sallnow
Barnet SACRE

Teenage Markets in Barnet

For Information

We can offer you and your student’s opportunities to:

  • raise funds
  • promote your school’s profile
  • demonstrate student community involvement which may aid them in their future
  • become part of a management board to organise their own market and enhance their business development skills

All of these are offered at no cost to your school or to your students. Thanks to the successful fund-raising phase the cost to stall holders will be zero (apart from the produce they are selling) for the first year at least.  We raised £56,000 within six months and we truly believe that this is an amazing opportunity for our young people, so we would be thrilled to have your involvement and support.

We firmly believe that our borough and your school is packed full of talent and we want to showcase that so in addition to having stalls the market will embrace the arts by a performance stage complete with sound and lighting.

The new Teenage Market will start on Easter Saturday 2018 (31 March) and then on the first Saturday of every month from May. The intention is to provide schools with the lead-time to consider the benefits of incorporating the idea into the working year.
As you can see the opportunities are amazing, please contact Dr Bob Burstow, project organiser to find out more.

Helen Harte
CommUNITY Barnet

Destination East Finchley

For Information

The Migration Museum are offering a free CPD day at the museum, on Monday 27 November, from 10am to 3pm at the Migration Museum Workshop space, 26 Lambeth High Street,SE1 7AG.

Teachers will have the opportunity to view the current exhibitions and will look at practical ways that the themes of Migration and diversity can be linked to the curriculum. Schools will also be provided with free resources in order to start their own small projects based on Destination East Finchley.

For further information about the project please see Facebook: Destination N2 or Twitter @DestinationN2
Please contact Julie Taylor at Martin Primary School if you would like to attend the training day -

Julie Taylor
Martin Primary School


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