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Wednesday 29 November 2017

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  1. Children's Services Ofsted Inspection Judgement - Update on The Improvement Plan

  2. Audits of 30-hour provision for 3- and 4 -year-olds

  3. Schools - Pre-employment checks - Right to work in the UK Audit

  4. Unified Reward Job Evaluation Appeals Update

  5. Barnet SACRE Consultation

  6. Safeguarding Audit Tool

  7. SENCO Challenge Workshop - Reminder

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Children's Services Ofsted Inspection Judgement - Update on The Improvement Plan

For Information

As you will be aware, in response to the recent Ofsted inspection judgment, a multi-agency improvement plan was developed.  Education has played a key role in shaping this plan and will play a substantial role in fulfilling some of the initiatives coming from the Improvement Plan.

Key areas:

  1. A new governance structure has been established for Barnet Safeguarding Children’s Board.  Thank you to Carolyn Laws, Jack Newton, Craig Tallon, Alison Edmonds and Lesley Burgess for agreeing to sit on the Executive Board with Carolyn and Jack attending the Improvement Board on a rotational basis.  These groups will be monitoring and driving improvement.

  2. To ensure the voice of the child is heard in the planning of services – the voice of the child will continue to be heard in all relevant education plans around children and young people – SEND, the Virtual School, In Year Fair Access and exclusions from school.  Education is also actively participating in the UNICEF Child Rights Programme.

  3. A new Escalation/Resolution policy has now been constructed and is awaiting approval.  It will be circulated to schools at the earliest opportunity.

  4. Case file auditing – Thank you to those schools that participated in this activity.

  5. Safeguarding training is being standardised to ensure that everyone has an appropriate level of training.

  6. Driving the improvement of MASH  - Jane Morris now attends the MASH Steering Group and quality assurance activities are underway. We are looking for one primary and one secondary headteacher to be on this Steering Group. Please contact Neil Marlow or myself if interested.  Many DSLs have booked time to visit MASH and see it in operation.  Please contact Sarah Marshall if you would like to visit MASH.

  7. Jack Newton (Executive Head of Underhill Primary and Grasvenor Infants) has been seconded for 3 days a week by Family Services to work closely with them to support Children’s Services in the delivery of the improvement action plan.  The main focus will be on ‘Right Intervention, Right Time’ and ‘Effective Communication and Engagement driving culture change’  Jack will be based in Family Services 3 days a week and will play an invaluable role in bringing services together and facilitating effective communication and collaboration between teams and between Family Services and schools.

  8. Jack is also leading the Early Help 0-19 pilot Hub in East Central which started this term.  The West 0-19 Hub will start in January with the South Hub expected to start in April.

  9. Thresholds – Thank you to those of you that gave up some time to attend the Thresholds Workshop, a new document will be distributed soon.

  10. Identifying and accessing services – Thank you to those who volunteered to be on the safeguarding handbook development group:

    • Laura Coffill (East Barnet)
    • Janina Aitken (The Totteridge Academy)
    • Orla Ridge (Mill Hill)
    • Susan Hart (Mapledown)
    • Louise Ismail (The Compton)
    • Howard Cohen (Hasmonean High)
    • Sara Keen (Rimon)
    • Marc Shoffren (Alma)
    • Barbra Costa (Our Lady of Lourdes)
    • Colin Dowland (Woodridge)
    • Leanne Oppenheimer (Queenswell Inf)
    • Dan Hawkins (Childs Hill)
    • Jeanette Adak (Monkfrith)

    An Education Safeguarding Handbook should be ready in the Spring Term.  Family Services are also developing a handbook which will be distributed around December/January. These handbooks will identify best practice, policies and procedures for all agencies.

  11. Neil Marlow is a member of the Adolescent at Risk Group which will look at how agencies can respond more effectively to adolescent risk.  First meeting in December 2017.

  12. The Virtual School is involved in the improvement of the quality of PEPs for our Looked After Children and working with the BEETs team reducing the number of NEETs in this group.

  13. Thank you to the schools that have produced case studies.  These have been forwarded to Sarah Marshall for auditing and feedback.

This is a real opportunity for education to be involved in shaping Family Services, thank you once again to the many schools that have supported the improvement plan activities.

Jane Morris
School Safeguarding and Exclusions Officer

Audits of 30-hour provision for 3- and 4 -year-olds

For Information

Earlier this term, Primary, Infant and Nursery schools will have received an email and user instructions from the Early Years team to enable you to  access the Early Years Portal to verify 30-hour codes.  This was to enable you to claim funding for 30-hour provision for eligible families.

The Local Authority is required to carry out audits on these codes six times a year. These audits will inform the council if a child is no longer eligible for 30 hours and when their ‘grace period’ will finish.  The council is currently in the process of contacting schools that have children that are within the ‘grace period’ this term.

In order to carry out future audits and thus continue to fund you for the provision, I am afraid the Early Years team needs some information in addition to what is collected on the schools census, and they need it sooner than the date the verified data is sent to the council by the ESFA.

So, to enable the council to fund your Early Years children correctly, we need you to complete the attached spreadsheet and submit this to the Schools Funding team ( on a termly basis and by deadline dates that we will advise for each term.  The deadline for next term is Friday 26 January 2018 (one week after the census date). Please ensure you complete and return the spreadsheet by that date.

Following checks, if a child has fallen out of eligibility, the Early Years team will contact the school and inform you when the child will cease to be eligible for the additional 30 hour funding.

If you have any queries regarding the 30 hour offer please contact
Thanks for your support and co-operation.

Debra Davies
Early Years Standards Lead, EY Standards Team

Schools - Pre-employment checks - Right to work in the UK Audit

For Information

At the recent Office Staff Forum I discussed the internal audit of pre-employment checks and right to work in the UK and some inconsistencies that were observed in some schools. The audit assessed whether Council maintained schools, whether using the CSG/Council HR/Payroll service or using their own HR/payroll provider, conducted the appropriate pre-employment checks in line with Council policies to ensure the recruitment of officers:

  • permitted to work in the UK;
  • with the appropriate qualifications, capability and experience to deliver the role effectively; and
  • having the appropriate safeguarding clearances - Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) checks - confirming that they can be trusted in the delivery of the role.

Thank you to the 13 schools who were chosen as part of this audit.

In the Enclosures section is the final audit report. It is a useful document for you to use to check your own practices.

Neil Marlow
Assistant Director – Traded Services and Head of School Improvement

Unified Reward Job Evaluation Appeals Update

For Information

You will be aware, following the issue of job evaluation letters all employees were offered the opportunity to submit an appeal against their job evaluation. At present we have a number of outstanding appeals awaiting an initial meeting and group appeals awaiting a ballot decision to commence stage 2, a re-evaluation of the role.

We have issued ballot letters for the Teaching Assistant Level 2 mainstream and special school roles. We will announce the outcome of the ballot as soon as it is known. For a ballot to proceed to the appeal a majority in excess of 50% needs to be achieved. If this happens then the appeal will progress to Stage 2 and hearings have been scheduled for 11 December 2017 pm. Eligibility  to take part in the ballots only extends to staff who had the right to appeal and were  in  the relevant post  as of 31 August 2016  and  still work in that particular  post. If the grading changes on appeal this will apply to all staff regardless of their commencement date.

We are preparing ballot letters for the other group appeals – namely:

  • Teaching  Assistant  3 Mainstream
  • Teaching Assistant  3 Special
  • Teaching Assistant  4
  • Teaching Assistant 4 Special
  • Learning Mentor
  • Breakfast /After school Club  level 3

Ballot letters for the above groups will be sent to schools during this week and we would ask that you distribute these letters to the named  staff as soon as received. Staff will have until 15 December 2017 to return their ballot paper.

Should a  majority in excess of 50% be achieved  in any of these groups hearing will take place at the beginning of the spring term.

We do acknowledge that here has a delay in proceeding with this next stage for a number of reasons mainly the request made by Trade Unions on behalf of their members not to procced before the summer. However we are we are conscious  staff and Headteachers are keen to progress the appeals. We would like to reassure them of our commitment to reach a resolution as soon as possible. 

Any questions you have about the appeals process should be directed to

Trade Unions can be contacted by members at;

  • Unison:
  • GMB: Email -   Tel - 02083595086

Deborah Shaw
Schools Business Partner

Barnet SACRE Consultation

For Information

FAO Headteachers and RE Subject Leaders/Heads of Department

Barnet’s Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) is currently consulting about any changes to the Barnet Agreed Syllabus for RE. As you are aware a SACRE is constituted by statute to oversee the provision of religious education and acts of collective worship in the Borough’s non-denominational schools. One of its statutory responsibilities is to advise the local authority on matters related to the agreed syllabus for Religious Education and collective worship and consider whether changes need to be made to the agreed syllabus.

The Barnet SACRE has set up a survey on Survey Monkey and would like your views on the following six questions:

  1. Do you follow the current Barnet syllabus? If not what syllabus are you following?
  2. Do you think that the current Barnet RE curriculum is effective in creating an atmosphere of respect & understanding in the study of religion?
  3. In what ways do you think it could be improved?
  4. Please include any other comments or suggestions about the Barnet RE syllabus
  5. Do you think that the current KS3 & 4 syllabus meets the new criteria for GCSE?
  6. What advice would you like on attainment & progress?

Please follow the below link and respond to these questions by the end of November:

Thank you for your feedback

Neil Marlow (LA Representative on SACRE)
Anna Sallnow (LA RE Consultant)

Safeguarding Audit Tool

For Information

Just a reminder to schools that have not completed a safeguarding audit recently to submit an audit to Jane Morris at the earliest opportunity.  The audit tool supports schools to:

  • Check that the school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding policy is up to date
  • Consider Ofsted type questions and think through plans of action
  • A useful tool for governors, in particular the safeguarding governor, to participate in the audit and develop a real understanding of safeguarding in your school
  • Check and monitor training requirements.

The tool is revised every year in line with Keeping children Safe in Education.  The first time of doing this audit can take a few hours, however, once done updating it annually is a small task.

Please see the audit tool in the enclosure section.

Jane Morris
School Safeguarding and Exclusions Officer

SENCO Challenge Workshop - Reminder

For Information

A reminder of the SENCO Challenge Workshop at Woodcroft School, on Tuesday 5 December 4pm to 5.15pm.

Joann Moore
Advisory Teacher Inclusion


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