Issue 20

Wednesday 31 January 2018

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  1. Closing of School Accounts 17/18

  2. GDPR Training

  3. Safeguarding - Knife Wand

  4. Barnet Teaching Assistant Training Day

  5. ADPR Training Day

  6. CONNECT Newsletter

  7. HCSS Budgeting

  8. UKYP Elections Information

  9. Childcare Voucher Changes

  10. Barnet School Awards 2018

  11. Early-Positive Approaches to Support Information Meeting

  12. Vacancies at Barnet Carers Centre

  • Headteachers
  • Professional Development
  • School Meeting Dates
Closing of School Accounts 17/18

For Information

The Closing of School Accounts guidance booklet has been circulated to all maintained schools. It is important to note the following points.

  1. The LA is required by Accounts & Audit Regulations 2015 to close its accounts earlier than previously. The target is for Barnet draft accounts to be closed by 30 April.
  2. After schools make returns there is a lot of work at the authority to prepare the draft accounts, so it is very important that schools complete returns accurately, send in on time and respond quickly to any queries.
  3. You should examine the timetable and take steps to ensure that the school is prepared and able to meet the Timetable.
  4. The main changes for this Year’s closure is that the level for accruals has been raised to £1,000 for each invoice (not each line)
  5. Headteachers are required to “sign off” the school’s Outturn report and send in to the LA.
  6. An analysis of bank movement, including a signed bank statement is required for the period 21 to 31 March inclusive. (This is an external audit requirement).
Details of briefing sessions for school finance staff have been sent to schools.

Thank you for your assistance in achieving the timetable.

Nick Adams
Schools Finance Manager

GDPR Training

For Information

With the deadline for GDPR compliance approaching, we are hosting some GDPR training at Manorside on the 21st February 2018.

The cost of this training for schools who will not be buying in to the ICT traded service for 2018-19 is £300. It will be free of charge for schools buying in to any part of the service from April 2018. Any schools that attend FoC who then do not buy in will be invoiced for the training session.
Places will be, as always, limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis. To book your place, please email with your preferred delegate. As there is only 1 place per school, we recommend the school delegate be the person who will have responsibility for GDPR within the school.
Seg enclosures for more information.

Mike Rowland
IT Services

Safeguarding - Knife Wand

For Information

As we will all be aware from the media, knife carrying and knife crime is on the increase. The London Crime Strategy March 2017 highlights that ‘Knife crime is on the rise across the country. In 2016, London (excluding the City) accounted for around three in ten recorded knife offences nationally.  In the 12 months to March 2017, over 12,000 knife crime offences were recorded in London. In 2016 knife crime across England and Wales rose by 14 per cent, compared to 11 per cent in London. The majority of knife crimes in London are related to street violence and robbery.’

The Major of London, Sadiq Khan, has offered free knife wands to all schools in London. A knife wand is a hand held device about half a meter in length.  A wand can be stored discretely in a cupboard to be used at the discretion of the school.

“Knife wands may be a useful measure in preventing weapons being brought on to school premises, and school leaders are best placed to judge if, when and how to use them,” Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders.

To request a knife wand for your school or to find out more, please click here.

Jane Morris
School Safeguarding and Exclusions Officer

Barnet Teaching Assistant Training Day

For Information

A Toolkit of Ideas

 Date  Wednesday 21 March 2018
 Time  9am to 3pm
 Presenter  HIST Team
 Audience  Teaching Assistants, Learning Mentors (primary, secondary and special)
 Venue  Best Hub, Lanacre Avenue, Grahame Park, London NW9 5FN
 Cost per delegate
 Subscribers to HIST package can utilise HIST hours: 1 hour for full day
 Non-HIST and Non-BPSI school: £150 per delegate for the full day

A cancellation notice period of 48 hrs is required or the full fee will be charged. There is a maximum of 80 places. If the course is oversubscribed we will operate a waiting list. 

This practical training day will include:

  • thinking about roles and responsibilities;
  • practical tips and strategies for delivering support in your setting;
  • a toolkit of ideas to help you develop your skills and expertise;
  • a range of workshops to support you with developing interventions within your setting: Colourful Semantics, Lego Therapy, Sensory Circuits, Emotion Coaching and more. 
The booking deadline is Friday 16 March 2018.

To book a training place please click here
To view all training courses please click here

Samantha Rothwell
Inclusion Advisory Teacher HIST

ADPR Training Day

For Information

Embedding the Assess, Plan, Do, Review Cycle in your school setting

 Wednesday 7th February 2018
 Time  9.00am to 12.00pm
 Presenter  Samantha Rothwell (HIST Inclusion Advisory Teacher)
 SENCos/Inclusion Managers (primary, secondary and special schools)
 Venue  Best Hub, Lanacre Avenue, Grahame Park, London NW9 5FN
 Cost per delegate  Subscribers to HIST package can utilise HIST hours:  ½ hour for half day

Non-HIST and Non-BPSI schools: £75 per delegate for half day

A cancellation notice period of 48 hrs is required or the full fee will be charged. There is a maximum of 25 places. If the course is oversubscribed we will operate a waiting list.

This training will include:

  • An overview of the 2014 SEND legislation and some of its key features (e.g.: person centred planning, co-production, aspirations and outcomes)
  • The Graduated Approach: understanding roles and responsibilities - 
  • How to embed the Assess, Plan, Do and Review cycle within your school setting
  • Evidencing the Assess, Plan, Do and Review cycle through SEN Support Plans
  • The importance of effective assessment, tracking and monitoring
  • Considering the use of Ordinarily Available within the four part cycle

The booking deadline is Friday 2nd February 2018 

To book a training place please use this link: BOOK here

Samantha Rothwell
HIST Inclusion Advisory Teacher

CONNECT Newsletter

For Information

The latest Newsletter (Issue 01 2018) from CONNECT – The Network for Global Learning in Education (formerly NLSIN) can be found and downloaded from here: (in the Newsletters tab). This web space is now the general information page for all schools and educational establishments etc. Member schools can access further information by clicking on the member schools login section.
You can also access through as before. 

Please note – there are some very important bits of information included in this issue.

  1. Page 3 - Modern Language Assistant Service & Charges 2018/19 - If you are considering employing an assistant next year or would like to find out more we would very much like to hear from you
  2. Back Page  - New Connect Service and Charges 2018/19 - The service CONNECT provides will be changing significantly in the next financial year.  We have recently carried out an extensive service review in order to secure the organisations future sustainability and the outcome of this process is that we will be offering a  wider choice of membership options and different levels of support which we hope will respond more effectively to member school’s needs. 

Des Georgiou
CONNECT (formerly NLSIN) Administrative Manager & Modern Language Assistant (MLA) Programme Facilitator

HCSS Budgeting

For Information

You will be aware that the CSG Schools Finance Support Service procured, on behalf of its customers, HCSS Budgeting; a web based budget setting software solution. Many schools have been using this software in Barnet since March 2016 and the feedback has been very positive. In England 1 in 3 schools now use HCSS to plan for their financial futures. The software, if purchased through CSG Schools Finance Support  is customised for use in Barnet.

Key benefits of using HCSS Budgeting

  • Build accurate budgets based on CFR  reporting structures
  • Pre- populated with national/Barnet pay scales
  • Pre- populated with recommended inflation factors
  • Pre- populated with individual schools funding figures
  • Produce a wide range of essential reports for key stakeholders, including the forecast report for LB Barnet
  • New payroll monitoring tool, upload actual payroll information to the system for quick and easy monitoring
  • Understand the long-term impact of your financial decisions by creating ‘what if’ financial scenarios
  • Complex staffing calculations are made easy, providing highly accurate staff costings and a monthly report for reconciliations to payroll
  • Web based; can be accessed anywhere from any mobile device provided there is internet access
  • No backups to servers necessary
  • Better version control
  • No more spreadsheet corruption issues

The cost of the software in 2018-19 will be £275 per year for the HCSS license and £600 for the Schools Finance Support Helpdesk.

The helpdesk fee also gives schools access to;

  • RM Finance – authorised use of the customised Barnet module, telephone and email support on the use of the accounting software, trouble-shooting assistance and, where necessary, referral of complex problems to RM Ltd.
  • HCSS Budget Setting Software - authorised use of the discounted licensed software, telephone and email support on the use of the budgeting software, trouble-shooting assistance and, where necessary, referral of complex problems to HCSS Education.
  • Finance Administration - telephone and email advice on Scheme and Financial Guide requirements, SVFS requirements, financial procedures, taxation, salary calculations, etc.
  • Training/Briefing Sessions - The Helpdesk provides free access for staff employed by schools to training/briefing sessions provided by the service.

Note - the Helpdesk and training is available only to staff directly employed by a maintained school.

There will be two budget setting workshops taking place on 26th February  and 6th March at The Best Hub. Details will be sent to schools shortly. At these workshops schools can set their budgets away from the interruptions of the school day.

If you would like to purchase HCSS Budgeting in time for 2018-19 budget setting please contact me and I can arrange for the software to be made available to you as well as providing on-site support to set up the system in the first instance.

If you would like to discuss in more detail please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kim Garrood
Schools Services Manager

UKYP Elections Information

For Information

Reminder UKYP candidate registration deadline next Friday 2nd February. Please share with your pupils to ensure they don’t miss out on becoming a UKYP member.

We are pleased to launch our 2018 UK Youth Parliament elections. Each year over 7000 children and young people across our borough vote for 4 of their peers to represent them with Barnet and nationally across the Youth Parliament network.

By now you should have received the  ‘I HAVE A VOICE’ posters to be distributed around your school. Within the next few weeks you will receive ‘I HAVE A VOTE’ posters and booklets – these go in to slightly more detail about Youth Parliament.

Below are the key dates. Please highlight this to all of your pupils and students who are anterested in applying.

 Wednesday 17 January 
 Candidates Information Evening – Hendon Town Hall (arrival from 5.30pm for 6pm start. Finish at 8pm)
 Friday 2 February  Candidate Registration Deadline – please visit to register to stand as a candidate
 Monday 5 February  Distribution of elections poster/ voter cards to schools, colleges and organisations. All deliveries will be despatched to reception areas and addressed to your nominated youth voice leaders, teachers, representatives. Let us know if there is someone specific we should send to.
 Wednesday 7 February  UKYP Candidates debate Evening – venue and time tbc
 Monday 19 February  Voting Opens online at
 Monday 5 March  Voting Closes at 11:59pm
 Monday 12 March  Results Evening at North London Business Park
 Thursday 22 March  Introduction Meeting

What is the UKYP?

  • It is run by young people for young people, UK Youth Parliament is a national forum which provides opportunities for 11-18 year olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.
  • It is composed of representatives from across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • Ensures that young people in the UK are given a voice on any issues that affects them, as laid out in Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Supported by government and opposition parties, the UKYP runs campaigns to improve the lives of young people.

UK Youth Parliament in Barnet

  • Members of the Yo uth Parliament (MYP’s) are elected for a one year term of office
  • Barnet has 4 youth parliament members
  • Each member is offered a Leadership Development Programme and support to bring to life their campaign
  • The programme is free of charge with no expenses covered by members
  • Find out more about UKYP at

What does an MYP do?

  • MYP’s across the UK work to give young people a voice – listening to marginalised groups, organising events, making films, meeting MP’s, lobbying for change, organising campaigns and appearing in the media, all to amplify the views of their peers.
  • Represent the Young people of Barnet at regional, national and sometimes international events – Including the House of Commons debate.
  • Work on your very own project that is important to Barnet’s young people and engage with Barnet Youth Board representatives.
  • Work with young people in the borough, attend local festivals and events and engage with local decision makers.

How to vote:

  • All schools and colleges will be sent voter cards with a unique voter codes for each student
  • Go online between 20 February & 6 March 2017 to input the unique voter code and cast your vote.
  • All candidate manifestos will be available to view on from mid-February.

UK Youth Parliament elections are a unique opportunity for your school, college or organisation to provide an opportunity for your pupils to participate in democratic processes, raise aspirations and support social activism.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Kerry Hodges
Voice of the Child Coordinator

Childcare Voucher Changes

For Information

Last chance to join the Fideliti childcare voucher scheme for schools using Capita Payroll.

The introduction of the UK Government’s new Tax Free Childcare scheme means that the Employee Benefits scheme offered by Capita Payroll will close to new entrants. The Employee Benefits childcare voucher scheme is provided by Fideliti and you have until the end of February 2018 should you wish to join.

In order to remain in the Fideliti Childcare Voucher scheme from April 2018, the Government requires a salary deduction to be made by the end of March. This means that you must have signed up to join the existing scheme via the employee benefits portal on or before 28 February 2018.
To help you decide which scheme is best for your family, based on your own circumstances and future anticipated childcare needs, the Government has published a number of resources at as well as a calculator which can be accessed here.

If you’re currently receiving childcare vouchers from Fideliti, you can continue to do so until you decide to cancel the benefit or are no longer eligible (e.g. your youngest child reaches 15). It’s important to remember that you cannot participate in the Government’s Tax Free Childcare scheme and receive childcare vouchers at the same time.

To sign up for Fideliti Childcare Vouchers login to the Employee benefits portal

For more information please contact

Audrey Marshall
Change Manager

Barnet School Awards 2018

For Information

Barnet and Southgate College launched the Barnet School Awards to elevate and celebrate the amazing and unique achievements of students and staff in Barnet schools, highlighting the great work happening in our local schools and the community. Sponsored by Middlesex University.
To access the nomination form and criteria please visit:

You can view pictures from the 2017 awards ceremony here


  • 30 April 2018 - Nomination period closes
  • May 2018 - Invitations sent to nominees
  • 4 July 2018 - Final awards ceremony


Primary Schools

  • British Values Project of the Year - School
  • Governor’s Award
  • Inspirational Student of the Year
  • Unsung Hero - Volunteers/Support staff
  • Teacher of the Year - NEW FOR 2018

Secondary Schools

  • British Values Project of the Year - School
  • Governor’s Award
  • Inspirational Student of the Year
  • Unsung Hero - Volunteers/Support staff
  • Youth Enterprise Award
  • Teacher of the Year - NEW FOR 2018

Special Schools

  • Governor’s Award
  • Inspirational Student of the Year
  • Unsung Hero - Volunteers/Support staff
  • Youth Enterprise Award
  • Teacher of the Year - NEW FOR 2018

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Events Team
Barnet and Southgate College

Early-Positive Approaches to Support Information Meeting

For Information

Barnet Mencap, Royal Mencap and the Tizard Centre are evaluating the E-PAtS parenting programme. Come along to find out more at an information meeting for interested parents and professionals.

 Thursday 8 February 2018
 Session 1 Venue
 10 am to 12 noon
 Barnet Mencap, 35 Hendon Lane, Finchley N3 1RT
 Session 2 Venue
 1.30pm to 2.30pm
 OneStoneGrove, 5 Hayling Way, Edgware HA8 8BN

Please see the flyer in the enclosures section for more information about the event and about the E-PAtS programme.

If you are interested or would like some more information, please contact or call on 020 8349 3842.
James Wheatley
Communications Coordinator

Vacancies at Barnet Carers Centre

For Information

Please see the enclosures section for information on vacancies for Barnet Carers Centre.

Please contact should you require further information.
Roopa Vyas-Smith
HR, Administration and Communications Manager


  • GDPR_Training.pdf
    All Schools

    An introduction presentation to the GDPR regulation and its impact within education, and the delivery of a training workshop to advise on how to complete data mapping for your school. Please click on the above link for further details.

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  • School Meeting Dates
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