Issue 29

Wednesday 25 April 2018

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  1. Scheme for Financing Schools - Directed Revision

  2. Recruitment of Post-16 Education and Skills Manager

  3. SchoolSafe Procedure

  4. KS2 SATs Test Schedule

  5. Barnet Junior Citizen Scheme 2018

  6. Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Campaign

  7. NQT Primary Training programme : summer term

  8. Barnet Chairs Development Programme

  9. SENCos - Year 6 Autism Advisory Team Transition Programme

  10. Resilient Schools Programme

  11. Specialist Inclusion Services Parent Drop-Ins

  12. Welfare Rights Service in Barnet

  13. Redrow Apprentices

  14. Unwanted furniture - Alma Primary

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  • Professional Development
  • School Meeting Dates
Scheme for Financing Schools - Directed Revision

For Information

The DfE have issued a Directed Revision for all LA Schemes to include the following paragraph with immediate effect.

“Loans will only be used to assist schools in spreading the cost over more than one year of large one-off individual items of a capital nature that have a benefit to the school lasting more than one financial or academic year.

Loans will not be used as a means of funding a deficit that has arisen because a school’s recurrent costs exceed its current income. If loans are made to fund a deficit and a school subsequently converts to academy status, the Secretary of State will consider using the power under paragraph 13(4)(d) of Schedule 1 to the Academies Act 2010 to make a direction to the effect that such a loan does not transfer, either in full or part, to the new Academy school.“

The criteria of loans to maintained schools under the Scheme remains unchanged and details are in section 4.10 of the Scheme.

Nick Adams,
Schools Finance Manager,
Finance, Customer and Support Group

Recruitment of Post-16 Education and Skills Manager

For Information

I am sorry to have to say that Elaine Runswick is retiring from the her post next week and so we now have the challenging job of trying to recruit a replacement.

Please see the Job Pack in the enclosures section.

We are happy to consider a permanent appointment or a secondment.

Ian Harrison
Education and Skills Director

SchoolSafe Procedure

For Information

We have been getting some requests from schools for the SchoolSafe procedure posters. There is a slightly different procedure for primary and secondary schools, you can find both of these posters in the enclosure section. We advise that schools print a copy out to hang up in the school office.

We would also like to remind schools that SchoolSafe should not be contacted unless schools have contacted the police and have a CAD number.

Jane Morris
Schools Safeguarding and Exclusions Officer

<td> KS2 SATs Test Schedule

For Information

Headteachers of schools with Y6 pupils should have received updates from STA about the order of KS2 tests this year:

In autumn last year, we announced that the key stage 2 (KS2) English reading test would be administered on Tuesday of test week, not Monday as in previous years. This was in response to views expressed about the order of the tests from headteachers and teachers during the 2017 primary assessment consultation.

Please ensure that all school staff involved in the administration of the KS2 tests are aware of this change to avoid test packs being opened incorrectly, which can lead to investigations of maladministration. See the 2018 KS2 test dates below.

 Subject  Test paper
 Monday 14 May  English grammar, punctuation and spelling 

 Paper 1: spelling
 Paper 2: questions

 Tuesday 15 May
 English reading  English reading
 Wednesday 16 May 
 Mathematics   Paper 1: arithmetic 
 Paper 2: reasoning
 Thursday 17 May
 Mathematics  Paper 3: reasoning

It is important that all staff involved with tests are aware of and understand the underlined text.

John Paxton
Narrowing the Gap Adviser

Barnet Junior Citizen Scheme 2018

For Information
From 4 June 2018 to 29 June 2018 the Barnet Borough Police Schools Office will be running their annual Junior Citizen Scheme for Year 6 pupils at Canada Villa, Pursley Road NW7 2BU. The sessions are two hours long, from 09.30am to 11.30am or from 12.30pm to 14.30pm.
The emphasis of Junior Citizen is personal safety and safe travel. The sessions consist of 4 presentations by the emergency services and TfL for the first hour. The second hour is a one hour interactive knife crime drama presented by “The Comedy School” where the children get an opportunity to question the actors and the choices they have made.
Junior Citizen is open to all Barnet Primary Schools and bookings can be made by emailing the Barnet Schools Office directly at
Jane Morris
School Safeguarding and Exclusions Officer

Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Campaign

For Information

We are supporting the Government’s Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) campaign which reminds the public and its own employees to report suspicious behaviour and activity. There is a one minute video highlighting the campaign and more information, which can be found under here .

The message from the Police is that people shouldn’t worry they might be wasting their time. No call or click will be ignored and information will be treated in the strictest confidence and thoroughly researched by experienced officers. The advice is to watch out for anyone who travels but is vague about where they’re going, people with passports or other documents in different names, people receiving deliveries of unusual items bought online, and anyone carrying out suspicious or unusual bank transactions.

Perryn Jasper
Prevent Education Officer

NQT Primary Training programme : summer term

For Information

As you will be aware, BEST Hub closed at the end of last term. The venue for most NQT training sessions (see below table) for the summer term will be: Tudor Primary School Queen's Rd, Finchley, London N3 2AG.

  Date  Course    Venue
 24/04/2018  Consolidating effective practice for EAL learners 
 Tudor Primary School 
 24/04/2018  Safeguarding and Child Protection – Repeat  Tudor Primary School
 Creating Bookworms: Inspiring Children to Read -Key Stage 2  Tudor Primary School
 01/05/2018  Songs and Rhymes in the EYFS  Tudor Primary School
 08/05/2018  Boys' Reading and Writing Key Stage 2  Tudor Primary School
 15/05/2018  Receptive and Expressive Language  Tudor Primary School
 22/05/2018  Working with Parents  Tudor Primary School
 Games and Athletics
 Note: This is a WHOLE DAY session
 Transition and handover  Tudor Primary School
 19/06/2018  Design Technology Key Stage 1 and 2  The Hyde School
 Hyde Crescent, Hendon NW9 7EY
 26/06/2018  Promoting emotional well-being and mental health  
 Tudor Primary School
 The Autism Spectrum  Tudor Primary School

A map and some information about public transport connections and parking has been sent to Primary NQTs and their tutors.
NQTs must bring photo ID with them. This will be checked as part of registration. In order to ensure sessions can start on time, please could NQTs try to arrive by 1.15pm.

John Paxton
Narrowing the Gap Adviser

Barnet Chairs Development Programme

For Information

This summer sees the launch of the Barnet Chairs Development Programme, which is designed to support the personal and professional development of Chairs to help them undertake their role. The programme will have an emphasis on self-development and will require Chairs to reflect on their practice throughout the year, including undertaking a 360 degree appraisal.

  • The programme is intended for Chairs of Governors who have been in post ideally for a minimum of one academic year (unless agreed otherwise by Governor Services)
  • Chairs will be expected to sign up for the year and commit to attend all 6 modules. If a module is missed for a particular reason then it may be completed in a subsequent year.
  • The main programme will comprise 6 modules across the academic year (2 per term)

    • Module 1: Development of leadership & team building skills (09/10/18)
    • Module 2: Development of coaching & mentoring skills (04/12/18)
    • Module 3: Reflection & review, including preparation for module 5 (05/02/19)
    • Module 4: Handling Difficult Conversations (02/04/19)
    • Module 5: 360 Appraisal & GB Evaluation (14/05/19)
    • Module 6: Effective Succession Planning (02/07/19)
  • The charge for the programme is £300 per delegate to schools subscribing to the Governor Support and Development programme or BPSI, or £450 per delegate to schools not subscribing to the Governor Support and Development programme or BPSI.
  • The first Barnet Chairs Development Programme module is an introductory session on Tuesday 19 June at 6.30pm to 9.30pm at Foulds School EN5 4NR, and all Chairs are welcome to attend (free of charge if subscribing to the Governor Support and Development training programme).
  • The title of the introductory session is ‘Changing Climate and the Current Mixed Economy of Schools’, led by Miranda Perry, Education Consultant, with special guest Bronwen Tumani, National Leader of Governance, who will provide information on the full programme.

Your Chair of Governors may register to attend the introductory module via the link here .

Sarah Beaumont
Governor Services Manager
School Improvement

SENCos - Year 6 Autism Advisory Team Transition Programme

For Information

Please see the enclosures section for information about the Year 6 Transition Programme for children on the Autism Spectrum.  Please contact your Autism Advisory Teacher for further information and resources. If you need further help please email

Kathleen Tripp
Lead Autism Advisory Teacher

Resilient Schools Programme

For Information

“Good schools already do many things that promote resilience without necessarily being aware of the underpinning theory and research. Understanding more fully why those things are so important, how they inter-relate and why they make a difference will ensure that they become part of the consistent policy and practice of the school rather than being dependent on a few individuals.” - Young Minds

What is Barnet Resilient Schools Programme?

The Resilient Schools programme provides a framework for schools to assess and improve mental health and wellbeing support to pupils, parent and carers and all staff within the school.  
Resilience is seen when people (pupils, parents/carers and staff) have a greater ability “bounce back’’ when faced with difficulties and achieve positive outcomes.

The programme aims to:

  • Help schools, parents and pupils to recognise their own mental wellbeing needs and be confident to access information to support themselves and others
  • De-stigmatise mental health in schools
  • Intervene early to prevent escalation of mental health problems
  • Involve parents, pupils and schools in tackling issues

Becoming a Resilient School:

The Resilient Schools programme is open to all schools in the East Central Locality for 2018/19 with the remaining schools becoming part of the 2019/20 cohort. The application process is open until the 27 April 2018. For further information about the Resilient Schools Programme please see the enclosures section or contact

Jayne Abbott
Resilient Schools Programme Manager

Specialist Inclusion Services Parent Drop-Ins

For Information

Parent/Carer Drop-In Sessions are free sessions. They are available for parents/carers of Barnet children and young people (0-25), to share any concerns or issues, with a relevant professional. It is a stand-alone session, so this means that there is no follow-up.  The aim of this session is to provide parents/carers with an opportunity to discuss concerns, and collectively think through how to move forward with the situation.

To access these sessions parents/carers must book a place, utilising booking form in the attached flyer in the enclosures section. Please return the forms to .

Please share this information with your parent/carer community and distribute the attached flyer and booking form via email and display in your setting. The sessions can only be accessed through a ‘first come first served’ booking system. In order to achieve fair access to the sessions, it is important that this flyer is circulated to your parent community as soon as possible.

Rosie Rebeiro
Advisory Teacher for SLCN (HIST)
Welfare Rights Service in Barnet

For Information

Our service provides free comprehensive Welfare Rights Advice to families with children aged 0-19 within Barnet. This includes preparing appeal bundles, presenting and reviewing cases for formal proceedings at tribunal level, as well completing benefits checks with families. Families can access the service by attending one of the drop-in sessions listed below, or by being referred by an agency.

We deliver the following advice sessions at Children’s Centres around the Borough:

 Day Time
 Mondays (fortnightly) 9.30am to 12pm Childs Hill Children’s Centre
Greenfield Gardens
0208 450 2141
 Mondays (fortnightly)  2.30pm to 4pm
Underhill Children’s Centre
Mays Lane
0208 359 3440
 Tuesday’s (fortnightly)  9.30am to 12pm Bell Lane Children’s Centre
Bell Lane
 Tuesdays  1pm to 3pm
Wingfield Children’s Centre
The Concourse
Grahame Park
 Thursday  9.30am to 3pm  Newstead Children’s Centre
1 Fallows Close
N2 8LG

For Wingfield and Newstead please call the Centre’s directly to book Advice slots. Please contact the centres for the date of our next session.

For families that require in depth case work, please complete the referral form located in the enclosures section at the end of this bulletin.

Although we do offer home visits, we reserve these for families who would have difficulty visiting the Centres.

Michelle Cater
Team Manager, Family Resilience Team
Early Years and Early Help

Redrow Apprentices

For Information

Redrow, developers at Colindale Gardens, former Peel centre site are building 2900 homes in Colindale over the next 8 years, and seek Apprentice on site across a number of skills.

Redrow are one of the most successful house builders in the UK. Over our 40 year history, we have built a unique reputation for quality. As a firm, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful homes that communities love to live in and we apply the same level of care and attention to developing our apprentices and trainees too.

As a Trade apprentice with Redrow, you will work with one of our trusted contractors, learning all of the skills and knowledge necessary to become competent in your chosen discipline and complete a quality product, utilising a variety of tools and processes. We are currently recruiting for a range of trades including Carpentry, Painting & Decorating, Groundworks, Plastering, Brickwork, Electrical, Plumbing and many more.

You will work with experienced tradesmen of a wide range of disciplines, as well as being supported by your Site Manager and the Redrow team to complete an industry standard diploma and NVQ qualification, (typically level 2, but we will support level 3 applications if suitable) as well as required functional skills learning.

Barnet applicants gain priority under S106 obligation. Please apply on line via:

There are 10 positions for this role and the closing date is: 30 June 2018

Frances Errington
Employer Brokerage Officer, Regeneration Service
London Borough of Barnet

Unwanted furniture - Alma Primary

For Information

Alma Primary, Whetstone, have approx 20 blue Titan chairs to sell - £15 each. They were originally purchased from Hertsfullstop around 18 months ago and have barely been used.  Attached in the enclosures section is a picture from the Hertsfullstop website which shows the larger version.  We are selling the smaller version which has a seat height of 560mm (normal chair height), a picture of this has also been attached.

We are also selling a mobile interactive whiteboard stand, picture in the enclosures section - £200.

We are open to offers and viewings so please contact for more information.

Jodi Rickless
School Administrator
Alma Primary






  • Resilient_Schools_App_Form_2018
    All Schools

    The Resilient Schools programme provides a framework for schools to assess and improve mental health and wellbeing support to pupils, parent and carers and all staff within the school. Please click on the above link for further details.



  • Welfare_Rights_referral_form
    All Schools

    Welfare rights referral form for families that require in depth case work. Please click on the above link for further details.



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