Issue 30

Wednesday 02 May 2018

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  1. Secondary Transfer 2019/20 - Meetings for Parents of Year 5 Children

  2. Prevent Duty - The Barnet Prevent Rgferral Procedure

  3. News from the Virtual School

  4. SEN Top-up Funding - Response Required by 8 May 2018

  5. Pre-Referral Checklist for the Autism Advisory Team

  6. Communicating with Young People in the Borough - Questionnaire

  7. Youth Voice Opportunities

  8. RM Insights Meetings

  9. CSG Customer Service Visits

  10. SOS Student led Mental Health Conference

  11. Diversity of Religion and Belief Pack

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Secondary Transfer 2019/20 - Meetings for Parents of Year 5 Children

For Information

FAO Head Teachers of all schools with juniors on roll

Please find documents to support your secondary transfer meetings in the enclosures section.  The selection test timetable includes summer open evening dates. A full schedule of autumn term dates will be circulated later this term once they are finalised.

Liz Ferrie
Admissions Team Manager

Prevent Duty - The Barnet Prevent Referral Procedure

For Information

Please see the document attached in the enclosures section for advice on what you should do if you have concerns that a young person or child is vulnerable or at risk of being radicalised. 

For full advice, support and guidance with meeting the Prevent Duty and promoting British values in schools please contact:

Perryn Jasper, Prevent Education Officer, or call 020 8359 7371

Perryn Jasper
Prevent Education Officer

News from the Virtual School

For Information

Statistical First release figures have enabled us to verify our exam results from last year.

In Key Stage 2:

  • Barnet Looked After Children are performing above the National, Statistical Neighbours and London Averages for each KS2 subject Reading, Writing and Maths
  • Barnet Looked After Children are performing above National, London and Statistical Neighbours for Reading Writing and Maths Combined
  • in Mathematics, the percentage achieving the expected standard is significantly above national
  • the progress score for Maths puts Barnet in the top 10% of Local Authorities in the country
  • the progress score for Maths is above the Statistical Neighbours, London and National.

In Key Stage 4:

  • the progress 8 score for this cohort in Barnet is better than that for Statistical Neighbours, National and London
  • the attainment 8 score for Barnet is better than Statistical Neighbours and in line with London
  • the Percentage of pupils attaining 9-4 in English and Maths is above the national average.

As you are aware Pupil premium has been increased from £1900 to £2300 this financial year and in order to support the invaluable work that happens in schools we are increasing our allocation to schools from £500-£600 termly. Please can we remind you that Pupil Premium for Looked After Children will only be allocated on the completion of a robust PEP which contains an Action Plan with SMART outcomes and effective strategies – indicating how the additional money will be used. The strategies need to be in addition to normal school practice.

Thank you to all of the schools who have participated in the PALAC programme (Promoting the Achievement of Looked After Children) . We look forward to reading the collation of results and publishing the findings of the various projects.

Next year we plan to partner with Achievement for All and their Achieving Wellbeing Programme which targets unlocking academic progress and lifelong achievement through emotional wellbeing and mental health. The programme coaches and supports Designated Teachers to promote a whole school culture where personalised learning needs of every looked after and previously looked after child and their personal, emotional and academic needs are prioritised to improve wellbeing and attainment. The intended outcomes are:

  • professionals will be more aware of the distinction between emotional wellbeing and mental health, the link to academic achievement and what they can do to transform the culture and climate of the school
  • through a deeper understanding of the impact of childhood trauma plan for children with identified needs more effectively
  • develop a positive behaviour management toolkit, reducing classroom stress and removing barriers to learning
  • evaluate therapeutic interventions
  • increase the capacity of Designated Teachers
  • improve the quality of PEPs
  • increase the understanding of an effective use of Pupil Premium
  • increase the stability of CLA.

The Virtual school will fund this intervention. If you are interested in participating in this Achievement for All programme (you must have at least 2 Barnet Looked After Children on role) please email who will send you an application form.

This programme will be discussed further at the Summer Term DT meeting which is taking place at The Hyde School on Wednesday 20 June.

Thank you for your continued support of this vulnerable group.

Jane Munroe
Head Teacher Barnet Virtual School

SEN Top-up Funding - Response Required by 8 May 2018

For Information

Summer term SEN top-up data sheets have now been sent to SENCOs and Business Managers or Headteachers, listing each child’s SEN details for funding purposes.  These need to be carefully checked and returned by 8 May 2018.  It is vital that the relevant colleagues in all schools review this data so please contact me as soon as possible if you have not received the return.  Your top-up funding relies on information provided. We have sent the information to Headteachers in cases where we do not have a contact for the SENCO or Business Manager.

Please review and amend the data in the Top Up Data tab and refer to the Guidance Details tab for further information, paying particular attention to new starters and leavers to ensure all movements are captured correctly. The return must include all pupils of all ages with an EHCP including out of borough children even though they are not funded by Barnet.  For these please record the correct LA in the Funding LA column. Nil returns are required to avoid incorrect funding.

The return must be submitted securely, i.e. via USO-FX, Encrypt and Send, and/or password protection.  Mostly reports have been sent to schools via the LGFL secure USO-FX accounts. The files are also password protected, please keep this protection in place when returning the file. The file can be returned to me via my USO-FX account (Donna Calcraft). Please contact me if you have any issues accessing or returning the file.
Please contact me immediately if you have any queries, so that there is no delay in submission and your school’s top-up funding can be updated correctly.

It is important that the children detailed on the return have the correct SEN code recorded on the School Census return in the SEN Provision field and that pupils in Additionally Resourced Provisions (ARPs) are recorded as such in the Resourced Provision Indicator field. Errors in these fields can affect school funding.

Donna Calcraft
Finance Manager
0208 359 3728

Pre-Referral Checklist for the Autism Advisory Team

For Information

Please find attached in the enclosures section the “Working with the Autism Advisory Team" document.

This includes a pre-referral checklist that must be sent before any new referrals. This is a new system to ensure all referrals are appropriate and helps to determine the correct level of support according to our RAG rating.

Please contact your allocated Autism Advisory Teacher for more information.

Kathleen Tripp
Lead Autism Advisory Teacher

Communicating with Young People in the Borough - Questionnaire

For Information

Our recent Young People’s Perception Survey has told us that most young people aged 18 years or under are less likely to feel informed about what the council is doing.

We’ve pulled together a short questionnaire to help us shape how we can communicate better with young people in the borough. This will help us to identify the issues or topics under 18s would like to hear more about from the council and how they’d like us to share this information with them.

The questionnaire is live until 3 July and can be found at

Please share with your colleagues and pupils.

Siama Khan
Communications Officer
Communications Team

Youth Voice Opportunities

For Information

I would like to introduce myself- I am the Voice of the Child Coordinator managing the Voice of the Child Team who deliver youth engagement and participation in Barnet.

Our vision is that in Barnet all children and young people have the opportunity to participate in decisions which affect their lives. We know Children interact with their environment differently to adults. Involving children in planning helps build communities which support play, learning and development. Including children in service design helps improve service development, client support, and engagement with services; as well as, designing services tailored to need.

Our aim: To work more effectively with schools to enable a wider cohort of children and young people to participate in opportunities to review and influence the services they engage with. We also want to work towards providing a platform for those children who are unable to engage to have a voice through engaging with school councils and other youth voice opportunities.

Next steps: I would like to have the opportunity to attend your school to inform your pupils on the opportunities that are available to them (Youth Voice Offer information below). If you would like me to attend one of your assembly’s I would be happy to attend. Any primary schools who would like their school council to get involved in our campaigns or projects coming up please let me know your interest to ensure your school are included in the conversation.

Please find below details of our upcoming forums for young people aged 11-18 years studying or living in Barnet:

Barnet Youth Board

Gives young people a ‘voice’ that is listened to by decision makers at Barnet Council and involve them in decisions about the issues and services that affect young people in the borough. They campaign on issues affecting young people locally and nationally and plan projects to benefit the community and support the UKYP campaigns.

5.30pm to 8pm at Barnet Council, North London Business Park, Building 2, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP

  • Thursday 26 April
  • Thursday 31 May
  • Thursday 28 June
  • Thursday 26 July
  • Thursday 30 August

We are currently establishing a new Youth Board in the West side of the Borough - please keep a look out for more information over the next month.

Child’s Rights Forums

The Children Rights Forum gives young people the chance to work closely with Barnet Council and UNICEF UK to deliver the Child Friendly Cities & Communities Programme and to help co-produce our three year action plan which focuses on upholding Children’s Rights across the Borough.

5.30pm to 7.30pm at Barnet Council, North London Business Park, Building 2, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP

  • Monday 14 May
  • Monday 11 June
  • Monday 9 July
  • Monday 13 August

Upcoming focus groups for children to get involved in the UNICEF programme could be coming to your schools. If you are interested please get contact.

UK Youth Parliament

UK Youth Parliament is a national forum which provides opportunities for 11-18 year olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.

Members of the Youth Parliament (MYPs) are elected for a one year term of office. Barnet has 2 Members of Youth Parliament and 2 youth representatives.

Recent elections have taken place and 4 young people have been elected- more information about campaigns and how young people can get involved to follow.

Children in Care Council - Barnet on Point (#BOP)

The vision for #BOP is to ensure that it is at the heart of Family Services informing and improving all that we do whilst providing all Children in Care and Care Leavers the opportunity to have their say and get involved with decision making that affects them.

This group is for children and young people in care. For more information please get in contact.

Barnet Development Team Youth (BDTY)

BDTY is for young people aged 11-18 with special education need or disability. The aim is to help shape future services and provisions in education, health, social care and leisure activities.

5.30pm to 7pm at Barnet Council, North London Business Park, Building 2, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP

  • Thursday 26 April
  • Thursday 31 May
  • Thursday 28 June
  • Thursday 26 July
  • Thursday 30 August

Please get in contact if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kerry Hodges
Voice of the Child Coordinator
Family Services

RM Insights Meetings

For Information

We are planning our next RM insights meetings and are pleased to announce 2 sessions on the following date:
Wednesday 23 May 2018
Manorside Centre, Squires Lane, N32AB (No parking available onsite, please use surrounding roads)

  • AM Session 9am to 12.30pm
  • Lunch 12.30pm to 1.30pm 
  • PM Session 1.30pm to 4pm 

These are 2 separate session with same agenda to enable more schools to attend on the day.
As always it will be free of charge and only available to schools that buy in to our Administration level support (Min) and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please reserve your place with and specify AM or PM Session.
Agenda below:
30 Minutes

Introductions & new features
Get an overview of the recent new features (including custom registers, SEN changes, and UDI changes).
70 Minutes

Find out how RM Integris can help with your GDPR compliance, including the new data deletion function, subject access requests, parental consents, data sharing and information audits.
20 Minutes

Ask questions to the RM team, network with others, try things out using your school log on.
45 Minutes

Reporting Overview
Find out what reports are most popular with schools and why. See how to create your own reports and pull out data to help with your school improvement plans.
30 Minutes

Parental communications & online payments
See the latest developments.
15 Minutes

What’s Next
Find out what developments are coming over the next few months.

Alloysius Frederick
Senior ICT Engineer, Schools ICT Support Service
Customer and Support Group (CSG)

CSG Customer Service Visits

For Information

As part of the CSG commitment to improving our services to you I would like to offer you the opportunity to have a customer service visit.

We can discuss any CSG service you currently buy or any service for which you would like further information:

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Building Services
  • HR/Payroll
  • SHaW

If you would like a visit please contact me to arrange a day and time convenient to you.

Kim Garrood
Schools Services Manager
020 8359 3929

SOS Student led Mental Health Conference

For Information

As a part of Hendon Schools on-going work around mental health we will be hosting our 3rd student led mental health conference on Thursday 21 June from 10am to 3pm at Middlesex University for over 350 people. We would like to invite up to 15 of your students and the relevant number of staff to attend.

The theme of the overall conference is “S.O.S – Stamp Out Stigma” as we plan on raising awareness around the subject of mental health and encouraging young people to become mental health ambassadors within their schools and communities. As well as inviting local schools to attend we are also looking for schools to share their good practice around the topic of mental health on the day or run a stall at our marketplace. We are also looking for other professionals to run workshop(s) on the day.

The day will consist of presentations by a variety of speakers, different workshops and the launch of our new student designed mental health app called ‘Speak Out!’ which is now available on ios and Android, which was developed by both Hendon School and Middlesex University students over the past year.

Our Keynote speaker will be Johnny Benjamin MBE (Stranger on the Bridge). we have a range of great workshops, including a number looking at boys and mental health, dance and practical things to help your wellbeing. The topics covered will include a range of mental health issues, LGBT+, safety and gangs.

Additionally, we will be announcing the results of our research with Middlesex University on the day of the conference. We are looking for schools to help complete our survey. Our aim is to get students from across Barnet to share their experiences. You can 1) attend the conference, 2) complete the survey (online or on paper) by 16 May or 3) both.

I believe this conference will be an enjoyable as well as informative experience for your students. There are now limited tickets available.

You can book places for the conference at, to help us with our planning. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on:

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Angel (Yr10)
Student Head of Communications Team

Hendon School

Diversity of Religion and Belief Pack

For Information

A guidance and resource pack for primary schools in England and Wales by Peter Hemming, Elena Hailwood, Connor Stokes (Cardiff University) has just been published. It is a useful resource for all primary schools.

Executive Summary

Diversity of religion and belief is increasingly recognised within education as a strand of social difference deserving of attention. However, primary schools in England and Wales have not always had easy access to clear guidance on how to approach the issue. This guidance and resource pack brings together relevant policy frameworks, academic research, and good practice into a single document, also providing signposts to helpful resources in the field. It draws on expertise from across the sector, including from researchers, teaching professionals and educational organisations.

The pack provides schools with the tools to create an environment that recognises and values diversity of religion and belief, as well as deliver good quality Religious Education that promotes interfaith respect and understanding. It has been designed to speak to the particular needs and circumstances of schools with more or less diverse pupil intakes, schools with or without a religious character, and schools located in urban or rural contexts. The guidance and resource pack is free of charge.

The pack includes information on the following:

  • Legislative, curriculum and inspection frameworks
  • Guidance for schools:— Developing a whole school approach— Positive inter-faith relations — Good quality Religious Education— Inclusive assemblies and collective worship — Accommodating religious needs — Religious festivals and celebrations — Parents and the wider community
  • Curriculum resources, organisation listings, examples of displays

Anna Sallnow
Barnet SACRE






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