Issue 36

Wednesday 20 June 2018

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  3. Urgent Message: To All Schools That Let Premises

  4. Developing the Vulnerable Adolescents' Training - Workshop Invitation

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  6. SENCO Conference Reminder

  7. Reminder: HIST - SLCN Training

  8. Measles Awareness

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  10. Professional Cookery Qualification at London Academy

  11. RSPCA's Compassionate Class

  12. Longstanding Whitefield Teacher Honoured with MBE

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EHC Needs Assessment

For Information


If an EHC needs assessment is agreed by the Complex Needs Panel, requests for advice are sent to education, health and social care. In respect of the social care request, the request for advice will go to the current family services worker who is involved with the family.

If there is no social care involvement with the child or young person, social care will still telephone the family to have a preliminary conversation around the extent of the social care needs and whether there should be a social care assessment. Parents need to know that this will happen if an EHC needs assessment is agreed.

We are putting in place procedures to ensure that parents are aware of this but we need your help.

When submitting a request for an EHC needs assessment, please re-emphasise to parents and young people that, if an assessment is agreed, there will be, at the very least, a telephone call from a member of family services to discuss the extent of needs and whether there should be a social care assessment as part of the EHC needs assessment. We have updated the letter that the SEN Team send to parents when agreeing assessment, which contains information to parents about this process.

A number of parents have expressed concern that they were unaware of the involvement of social care in the process and this has caused unnecessary anxiety.  With your help, we wish to alleviate this anxiety going forward.

The SEN Team thank you for your help and support with this. 

Angela Buckee
Deputy Head of SEN
SEND and Inclusion

SEN Documents

For Information

From Saturday 1 September the SEN team would like to request that all documents, including requests for assessments and annual reviews are sent to the Borough electronically. This is in preparation for becoming paperless as we move to Colindale. All paperwork should be sent via egress or USOFX to

If you do not have a USOFX account or having problems with the account please speak to the USO-FX administrator in your school.

If you have any queries in relation to this process please contact Nanda at or 0208 359 5123.

Thank you very much for your help.

Angela Buckee
Deputy Head of SEN
SEND and Inclusion

Urgent Message: To All Schools That Let Premises

For Information

As all schools will be aware, since 1 July 2015 all schools have a legal duty to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. The legal duty includes the requirement to ensure that publicly owned venues (including school premises hired out to third parties) do not provide a platform for extremists.

As part of a “supporting supplementary institutions” project that Barnet Local Authority has commissioned, you are being offered the opportunity to discuss with an expert in this field any concerns or questions that you may have in relation to the use of your premises and the preventing extremism agenda. You do not need to do anything at this stage as you will be contacted in due course by a representative of HA9 Consultancy to discuss this issue, and you will then have access to appropriate support, or if no support is required you will have evidence that you have given the requirement due consideration. However if you already have concerns around use of your premises then please do not hesitate to contact me.

For further details please contact me on, 020 8359 7371, 07856 002 586.

Perryn Jasper
Prevent Education Officer

Developing the Vulnerable Adolescents' Training - Workshop Invitation

For Information

I want to develop and revised the current Child Sexual Exploitation, Gangs and Missing training that we offer to all staff working in Barnet; however, before we do it is essential that we understand what staff need from training and what areas the training should focus on. I want to invite you or a nominated member of staff to a consultation/workshop which I have arranged for Wednesday 27 June at 2pm at North London Business Park.

This session will give you the opportunity to influence and be part of the coproduction of training material that we will roll out over the coming year.

This interactive and engaging session is open to all staff, at all levels and across all agencies, it will be no more than an hour, and be supplemented by biscuits and light refreshments.

To book a place, please can you email

Christopher Kelly
Strategic Lead for Child Sexual Exploitation & Missing. (Strategy and Development)
Safeguarding Division, Children's Service

Transitions into School

For Information

The Transitions Working Party in Barnet have created some new materials to use either alone or alongside the One More Step Transitions Tool Kit. These materials are to support children transitioning into school by sharing useful information between schools and PVI’s. Many schools attended the launch meeting on Tuesday 15 May and so will already have access to these materials but for those who have not yet received them please use the links below.

Please contact Helen Cheung if you have any questions:

Helen Cheung
Early Years Advisor

SENCO Conference Reminder

For Information

Reminder that the School SENCO Conference will be taking place on Wednesday 27 June.

We will be having a Key Note Speaker from the  MITA Project to present the latest research and strategies around TA support and moving students to independence.

The afternoon will be training around Meeting Outcomes and the New Barnet SENCO Toolkit as well as other local and national updates. 

Click here to book a place.

Places are limited so please do book early.

Joann Moore
Advisory Teacher Inclusion
Specialist Team, Barnet Children Services

Reminder: HIST - SLCN Training

For Information

 Date   Thursday 5 July 2018 
 Time   1pm to 3.30pm 
 Venue   Northside School 
 Format   This is a ½ day course
 Provider   High Incident Support Team (HIST) - Speech, Language & Communication Needs 
 Facilitator   Rosie Rebeiro, Specialist SLC advisory teacher  
 Charges Traded Services
Subscribers to HIST: Half HIST hour per delegate
Non HIST schools and organisations: £75 per delegate
A cancellation notice period of 48 hrs is required or the full fee will be charged  

‘Asking questions so children can answer’. A focus on Blank Levels of Language/Colourful Semantics

The training will be facilitated by Rosie Rebeiro, specialist SLCN advisory teacher, plus we will have two highly specialist NHS SaLTs, Carrie Cloete and Parisha Chadha presenting.

Part one of this afternoon session will feature training on using Colourful Semantics and differentiating questions (Blanks Level of Questioning) to support children and young people to access the curriculum. The training uses theory and practical examples to support staff to increase their confidence in supporting children and young people with speech, language and communication needs.

In part two - we will hold a Group Consultation where participants are welcome to bring an anonymised case study or a question about a pupil with SLC difficulties. The group will generate ideas and strategies to support that pupil.

It would be helpful if participants could bring a pack of coloured pens or pencils.

To book a place, please click here.

Rosie Rebeiro
Advisory Teacher for SLCN (HIST)
Specialist Team

Measles Awareness

For Information

Please see the letters in the enclosures section regarding measles awareness.

One letter is for schools and nurseries, and the other is for parents. Please disseminate this to your parent community.

Cynthia Folarin
Consultant Public Health (Interim)
Adults, Communities and Health

St Michael's Consultation

For Information

St Michael's Catholic Grammar School is considering expanding from 3 to 4 forms of entry and increasing the number of Pupil Premium students in the school - to enable this it is considering bidding for capital funds from the Selective Schools Expansion Fund.  The school has opened consultation with stakeholders and invites Barnet headteachers (or governors) for their comments. Headteachers of primary schools may also like to make parents aware and to pass this letter onto prospective parents if they wish. The consultation finishes on Friday 13 July 2018.

Please see the letter in the enclosures section for more information.

Michael Stimpson
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School

Professional Cookery Qualification at London Academy

For Information

We run a successful Level 1/2 City and Guilds Professional Cookery qualification at London Academy and are keen to increase exposure to students who are keen to study this at a KS5 level.

We are running a year 12 taster day on Tuesday 26 June 2018, from 8.30am to 3pm.

For more information, please contact:

James Purkis
London Academy

RSPCA's Compassionate Class

For Information

Primary schools across England and Wales are invited to sign up to a new education scheme which will help teach KS2 children compassion and empathy through learning about animal welfare.

Compassionate Class offers schools the chance to inspire the next generation to become compassionate citizens of the future. It also acts as a compelling and interesting way to cover areas of the curriculum whilst learning about what makes animals happy and healthy.

The aim is to prevent animal cruelty in the future and help create a kinder society.

For more information and to sign up, please see the attachment in the enclosures section.

Emily Stott

Longstanding Whitefield Teacher Honoured with MBE

For Information

Ms Beatty, a Law and Politics teacher, who has worked here for over 40 years has received an MBE in the Queens Birthday Honours List. This prestigious award will be presented to Ms Beatty for her services to education.

Mary Angela Beatty, who prefers to go by the name Angela, gained her Certificate of Education in 1974, her Batchelor of Education in 1983 and her Master of Arts in Education in 1996. Angela began her career at Whitefield in the 1970's.

When she started at Whitefield, she worked to deliver business and office skills, often to the less academic and more challenging students. Ms Beatty always set very high standards and had a firm belief that everyone should have opportunities, whatever their backgrounds and home experiences.

In the early 90’s she worked alongside other colleagues in the Sixth Form and was the driver behind bringing Vocational Education (GNVQs) into the Sixth Form and allowing all, regardless of ability and need, access to post 16 Education. She further pushed this agenda by years of hard work arranging work experience and vocational opportunities for all Key Stage 4 and 5 students.

She really appreciated the chance to do more academic teaching when she took on teaching A Level Law.  Ms Beatty taught a student who had dyslexia who went on to study law at City University and got a 1st Class Degree, which she credits Ms Beatty for. For many students at Whitefield, they are the first generation of university students in their family, and Ms Beatty’s help is invaluable to make the applications and then to ensure students settle into university life.

Ms Beatty is extremely dedicated to Whitefield School and its students, often the first to arrive in school at 6am or earlier every day to support students and staff. Whether it is experienced colleagues or those new to the profession, Mrs Beatty always makes time to offer support and advice. One colleague said of her “From the 'old school' of teaching she has worked through the very many changes that have been thrust upon the education system and has remained a first class teacher and mentor to staff”. One NQT who Ms Beatty mentored last year said this of her support – “Angela is a role model to others. Both staff and students alike have nothing but praise for her. She will go above and beyond to help people and has personally given me so much guidance and support. She is someone you can always rely on and she takes her job and her role as a mentor very seriously”.

Ms Beatty has an exemplary relationship with students, always championing them to ensure they are successful. One student, left the Sixth Form this year with an A and two B’s at A Level, his passion for Government and Politics flourished because of Ms Beatty. Ms Beatty’s love for her subject ensures students have been on trips to The House of Commons, The Royal Courts of Justice and the Houses of Parliament, as well as subject based lectures all to ensure the students have another experience to support their studies.

Ms Beatty’s support goes beyond the classroom. There are many students who came to Whitefield as refugees, Angela used to feed and clothe them from her own pocket as well as get the sixth form to fund raise for them.

She has dealt with a huge number of Child Protection cases across her 40 plus years. Her tenacity and patience with families and Social Services and the police have literally ‘saved’ countless young people across the years. Countless number of students in her time became homeless – Ms Beatty would always help and fight local councils to find accommodation for them.

She is passionate about ensuring students are equipped for life, not just academic but also financial, emotional, physical and social.  Her dedication to skilling students up and ensuring they are aware of the law, mortgage applications, applying for loans and grants and pay day loans all relevant to the range of issues and vulnerable areas those students could be exposed to post education. 

Ms Beatty has spent considerable time building up links with outside agencies to ensure the students are exposed to a range of experiences and Whitefield has developed excellent links to Middlesex University, University of Hertfordshire, Gonville and Caius College Cambridge and Oxford University because of Ms Beatty’s work and the connections she establishes.

Also, every year to this day she runs the teachers 800 metres at Sports Day and would put everyone to shame with her energy. Everyone would cheer her on and she would wave as she went past the stands. She has boundless energy and works hard to maintain her personal fitness.

Ms Beatty has never worked with a view to her own career and how she might advance it - her driver has always been “I have a job to do and a moral responsibility to do it the very best of my ability. If one thing is not done correctly or if one student suffers or fails it is a failure on my part”.

Congratulations to Ms Beatty on this incredible achievement.

Natalie Rogers
Whitefield School






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