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Wednesday 23 May 2018

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  1. Message from Chris Munday: Ofsted Monitoring Visit Final Report 25-26 April

  2. A framework for discussing a terror attacks

  3. National award for SENCo-ordination 2018-2019

  4. Barnet CPD Online

  5. The Great Get Together

  6. School Leavers Immunisation Letter

  7. Year 10 students’ takeaway Survey

  8. Youth Mental Health First Aid

  9. Secondary Literacy Needs project

  10. Corporate Cleaning Contract: Are Your Needs Being

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Message from Chris Munday: Ofsted Monitoring Visit Final Report 25-26 April

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As you may know we have been waiting for the formal letter from Ofsted about the monitoring visit that took place on 25 and 26 April. I now have this and wanted to share the main points with you. Ofsted has just published the letter in full on its website:

This monitoring visit focused on vulnerable adolescents and concentrated on the following:

  • the effectiveness of partnership working for vulnerable adolescents
  • the effectiveness of management oversight and supervision
  • the quality of assessment and planning.
The inspection team looked at our electronic case records, supervision files, case management records, performance data, audits and progress reports and spoke to a range of staff.

Overall, Ofsted has said our pace of change is both consistent and focused, and that the quality of social work is slowly improving. During this visit inspectors noted that they saw less inadequate practice. This clearly demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction and at the correct pace.

I’d like to focus first on the positives - and there is a lot to be proud of. Ofsted sees that we are continuing to embed quality social work practice across the service. This is really good to hear as I know how hard staff are working to make this happen. Staff who spoke to inspectors said that they enjoy working at Barnet, and that they get the support and guidance they need. Social workers said that caseloads are manageable - although a very small number of staff reported case work pressures which was in one team during a transition. Staff also said that the range of training and support available to them is good. So this is great news in terms of staff morale – and we are also recruiting more permanent staff which will also make a big difference to our overall stability.

Our quality assurance processes are improved. It was recognised that we need less oversight from our improvement partners around auditing of social work practice as we become far more effective at this. We have also developed the scope of our strategic focus to include children who are at risk of gang affiliation, radicalisation and criminal exploitation. This has led to improvements in practice and more effective oversight of these important areas. Inspectors also found that we are making progress in the quality of our social work practice, for example immediate risk for almost all children is being adequately addressed and our case work has improved since the last monitoring visit. This is all very positive and we are definitely going in the right direction.

Of course we still have a lot of work to do. Even though this visit focused on vulnerable adolescents this holds true for Family Services in its entirety. The key areas we need to focus our attention on are:

  • frequency of visits
  • consistency
    • quality of assessments
    • plans for children
    • supervision records.
Ofsted has highlighted that while children are being seen regularly by social workers, practice is variable. Inspectors found better practice where visits take place weekly. The voice of the child is essential in planning, as is parental engagement, particularly engagement with fathers, as they are less engaged than mothers. As I keep saying – we must put the child at the heart of everything we do.

Consistency is our biggest challenge across assessments, planning and supervision. Our quality of assessments is still variable and not all assessments are comprehensively addressing the issues that impact on children’s lives. And again, children must be at the centre of this, playing an active role in the assessment.

Plans for children need to be consistent and of a much higher quality. Plans must not just address the immediate future, but be long-term with targeted outcomes.

We need to carry on improving the quality and consistency of supervision. Our more recent records demonstrate improving management oversight and supervision is evidencing better management grip to improve practice. And on an even more positive note other records demonstrate that supervision is very comprehensive and thorough.

Of course, these areas for improvement are broad brush stroke and will be different for each team. The Improvement Board will continue to support all staff now, and throughout the monitoring process. There is still a considerable challenge ahead but with everyone’s hard work and commitment from staff and partners, including schools, we can reach our goal.

I’d like to sign off with a thank you to everyone – in Family Services and amongst our partners, including schools – for your hard work and support – it is very much appreciated.

Chris Munday
Strategic Director for Children and Young People
A framework for discussing a terror attacks

For Information

The 22nd of May marked the one year anniversary of the Manchester attack when 22 people were murdered during a terror attack.  There has been a lot of media interest in the event which may prompt pupils to explore more information and seek answers to questions about how and why this happened. Attached is some guidance about how to approach and respond to incidents such as these and the discussions that may be raised in the classroom.

For any further advice and guidance surrounding Prevent, SMSC, British Values and Citizenship please contact Perryn Jasper, Prevent Education Officer, / 020 8359 7371

Perryn Jasper
Prevent Education Officer

National award for SENCo-ordination 2018-2019

For Information

This mandatory accredited course for new SENCOs is being run locally as a collaboration between Barnet, Brent and Harrow local authorities.  For further information please see the enclosures section.

Mary Helmore
Team Leader
High Incidence Support Team

Barnet CPD Online

For Information

We are pleased to inform you that Barnet Childrens Workforce Development Team have launched a new Learning and Development system along with the 2018-2019 training offer. This new system called ‘Barnet CPD Online’ ( is the new way for Family Services staff and multi-agency partners to book onto our learning events.

We are sending out this email to inform you of this new development and to ask you to please register yourself on our new system at Once you are registered, you will be able to view the 2018/19 multi-agency training offer and also book on courses.   Please note that booking on courses can now only be done through Barnet CPD online.

Registration is quick and simple. I have attached a flowchart guide and a basic step by step guide to help you with the registration process.

If you have any difficulties or need any help when registering please contact or telephone us on 0208 359 2617/6389.

Fola Obazee
Safeguarding Learning Co-ordinator
Children’s Workforce Development Team

The Great Get Together

For Information

From Friday 22 to Sunday 24 June, The Great Get Together ( will be taking place across the country, and they are asking schools to take part with a special assembly on Friday 22nd June. This will be part of thousands of events being organised and it would be fantastic if your school could be part of the fun.

The Great Get Together is inspired by MP Jo Cox who was tragically murdered last year and aims to bring together communities, neighbours, pupils and friends to share and celebrate all that we hold in common. Jo spent a lot of time in schools and truly believed in the importance of inspiring younger generations to be good citizens in their communities.

Resources are now available to download on the schools page ( of The Great Get Together website. These include: assembly packs (pre-school, primary, secondary and sixth-form), assembly power points (pre-school, primary, secondary and sixth-form) which include a video on The Great Get Together, and a teacher guidance document written by the PSHE Association on how the assembly fits into the PSHE curriculum.

If your school is able to take part, the team working on The Great Get Together would love to hear how you get on so please share your Get Together on social media on the day using the hashtags #MoreInCommon and #GreatGetTogether.

Anna Sallnow
Barnet SACRE
School Leavers Immunisation Letter

For Information

Please see the enclosures section for information from the immunisation team regarding vaccinations for children. 

Ava Habibzadeh
Health Improvement Officer
Barnet Public Health
Year 10 students’ takeaway Survey

Year 10 students’ takeaway Survey

For Information

The link to the survey is: : .

Barnet Council’s Healthy Places team is identifying ways to reduce health inequalities across the borough and ensure good health for all residents. One such way is by working with planning teams to enact stricter planning guidelines and regulations on the establishment of hot food takeaways in the borough. Other London boroughs have implemented this work, which would prevent new takeaways from opening within a specified distance of secondary schools.

There is a large body of evidence to support the link between hot food takeaways and levels of obesity in children. The Healthy Places team is hoping to conduct a large-scale research survey, focusing on Year 10 students’ takeaway consumption behaviour. This survey presents an opportunity for Barnet to be a leader in providing evidence that would support a joined-up approach to tackling health outcome inequalities for a number of strategies.

We would like to understand Year 10 student behaviour around visiting hot food takeaways, particularly when and why they go, and what they buy when they go. We have created a questionnaire and request that year 10 students complete it at school. It should take no longer than ten minutes to complete.

Your participation would be much appreciated. If you have any questions or would like to discuss it further, please do not hesitate to contact Nic Wells at or on 02083595319.

Nicholas Wells
Public Health Project Manager

Youth Mental Health First Aid

For Information

We are delighted to offer one free place for schools on a Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) One Day course, funded by the Department of Health for a member of your staff.

The government has committed to fund over 3,000 places on the Youth MHFA One Day course over three years, so that by 2020 at least one person in every state secondary school in England has MHFA skills.
One representative from each invited school may attend a course.

For further information, please see the enclosures section. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact Jane Abbott on: or 020 359 6026

Jayne Abbott
Resilient Schools Programme Manager

Secondary Literacy Needs project

For Information

Barnet SEND and Inclusion Services are looking to initiate a secondary literacy needs project. The aim is to increase understanding and expertise to provide effective literacy need support across the borough. The Local Authority is committed to this initiative and will provide the appropriate level of funding and expertise to work with identified Barnet secondary schools to build on, and further develop their existing expertise in this area.

We are looking for ‘expressions of interest’ from our secondary school community and have attached a template for school SENCOs to complete and submit by June 6 2018. We are seeking schools committed to engaging with this project (leadership team backing and available time for identified staff to engage with the project) and all applications will be considered by a panel of professionals in the SEND and Inclusion Services.

Successful secondary schools will receive the following package of support:

  • Free termly universal Literacy Needs training for a group of staff within your school (twilight sessions)
  • Lead professional enrolled on OCR Level 5 course to achieve relevant accreditation (course costs paid by Local Authority) – 14 days CPD across the school year (Sep 2018 to July 2019). Course starts in September 2018 and course admission to be finalised in June 2018.
  • Access to half termly group consultation support led by Local Authority Advisory teacher for Literacy Needs (Liz Severn)

If you have any queries regarding this project, please contact Liz Severn (Advisory Teacher for Literacy needs)

Completed ‘expressions of interest’ forms to be sent to Liz Severn by June 6 2018.

Liz Severn
Advisory Teacher for Specific Literacy Difficulties
Specialist Team

Corporate Cleaning Contract: Are Your Needs Being

For Information

The current Barnet Council Corporate Cleaning contract with Churchill is due to expire in October 2018. The Barnet Council Procurement Team are in the process of re-tendering the cleaning requirements in partnership with internal stakeholders. If you would like your school to use or be a part of the new Corporate Cleaning contract please contact Chuck Eribenne at email   by Friday 15 June 2018.

The reason we would like to know if you are interested in being part of this corporate contract is so that we can meet your service requirements and also accurately articulate to the market our volume needs. The more schools that are interested the better deal we will get.

The new Corporate Cleaning contract is due to commence in November this year.

Chuck Eribenne
Central Procurement Team


Guidance about how to approach and respond to terror incidents. Please click on the above link for further details.
Further information on a mandatory accredited course for new SENCOs being run locally as a collaboration between Barnet, Brent and Harrow local authorities. Please click on the above link for further details.
Further information regarding Barnet Children’s Workforce Development. Please click on the above link for further details.

A letter from the immunisation team regarding vaccinations for children. Please click on the above link for further details.

Further information on Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) One Day course funded by the Department of Health for a member of your staff. Please click on the above link for further details.

Barnet SEND and Inclusion Services literacy needs project, expression of interest form. Please click on the above link for further details.
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