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Wednesday 13 June 2018

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Admission Waiting Lists

For Information

The way we manage waiting lists is changing. In the past we have rolled-over waiting lists at the end of each academic year. This has led to cumbersome lists with data which may be out-of-date and a significant number of cases where there is no longer a genuine continued interest for places.

Closure of In-Year Admission Waiting Lists

From this year onwards, we will be closing In-year waiting lists at the end of the Summer term.

Parents with children on school waiting lists have already been advised of the need to re-apply in their outcome letters. As a precautionary measure, we will be sending out written notification to all parents again, reminding them of this change.

Applications received on or after 1 June, will be rolled over automatically and these parents will not be required to re-apply. Parents who have not submitted a new application by the end of August will not be considered for offers made at the start of term in September.

We would be grateful if you would help to get the word out to parents who may be in contact with you directly.

Secondary Transfer 2018 and Reception 2018 Waiting Lists

Waiting lists will be transferred to In-Year rounds on 1 September 2018.

Sec Transfer 2018 waiting lists will be rolled over to Year Seven 18/19.

Reception waiting lists for 2018 will be rolled over to Reception 18/19.

The original rounds will be renamed (Closed) Sec Transfer 18/19 and (Closed) Rec 18/19 and kept open on SAM, to enable schools to enter pupil start dates. Once start dates have been entered, these admission rounds will be deactivated.

Please contact or if you have any queries or concerns.

Liz Ferrie
Admissions Team Manager

Attendance Update

For Information

As you all know, for the academic year 2016 – 2017, Barnet’s attendance in primary schools improved dramatically.  We moved from being 50th LA (out of 152) to 19th and in Autumn 2017 (the most recent data we possess), primary schools were ranked as 14th overall, placing us in the top 10% national.  Our absence rates are now better than national, London (including outer London) and our statistical neighbours.  For the same period (Autumn 2017), secondary schools were third overall.  So, many, many thanks for all your hard work.

Our next objective is to tackle authorised absence, our secondary schools being 47th nationally and primaries, 66th.  Clearly, this is an area for further development.  In order to best support you, we will be continuing to work with our partners in health and encouraging schools with high authorised absences to continue to work with families on taking ‘exceptional’ leave.  Please note that we now have BPSI external advisers who can support you in your work. 

In the enclosures section, please find attached two leaflets to support primary colleagues in working with parents on attendance.  One is designed for families new to nursery and the other for families in reception to Year 6.  A huge thank you to Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in East Finchley and to Wessex Gardens Primary School for letting us use their documents as templates.  If you don’t already have such guidance for your families, we hope that you will find these useful in supporting your induction and transitions processes.  If you have members of your community who are happy to translate these documents into your common home languages, then that may also be helpful.  If you would be happy to share these across schools, please forward to me for distribution.

Again, thank you for your hard work in improving attendance in your schools.

Katie Dawbarn
Learning Network Inspector

Leave of Absence

For Information

As we approach the end of the summer term, schools are likely to receive requests for leave of absence in larger numbers than usual.  Many of these will concern distant relatives becoming so ill that they have to be visited.  Schools should ask for evidence to support such claims.  Many “emergencies” are pre-booked.

Many families simply decamp without seeking permission or claim that their children have become ill.  Ninety per cent of absences in the last week of term are in some way bogus.  Parents should be advised that they may be liable to a penalty notice if they do not provide evidence to validate their children’s absences.

A timely reminder of your policy on leave requests and the potential for penalty notices may discourage some parents from irresponsible behaviour.

Further enquiries can be addressed to Trevor Orr, Education Welfare Team Manager on 8359 7716 or at

Trevor Orr
Education Welfare Team Manager

Designated Teachers Meeting

For Information

The Designated Teachers meeting for Looked After Children is taking place on June 20 at The Hyde School from 9am to 12.30pm

We look forward to seeing you.

Jane Munroe
Virtual School Headteacher

Free Resource for Teaching Staff

For Information

Free Resource for Teaching Staff who specialise in PSHE, SMSC, Safeguarding, ICT, English, History, Politics and RE

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) would like to invite your school to send up to five teachers to their free teacher training session as part of ISD and Google’s Be Internet Citizens project on Saturday 30th June in East London (exact location TBC). ISD is an international counter-hate and extremism organisation who deliver cutting-edge programmes which respond to the rising challenges to tolerance and communal cohesion. The Education programme strives to build young people’s resilience to social issues and empower them to become emotionally mature critical thinkers.

Be Internet Citizens is a nationwide project that ISD runs collaboratively with Google, as part of YouTube’s ‘Creators for Change’ initiative. It seeks to teach young people vital digital citizenship skills to enable them to become positive users of a safe and exciting web. It enjoyed a hugely successful first phase in 2017, which you can read about in our report here. The training will cover how to deliver their engaging and interactive lessons on recognising and responding to fake news, understanding the difference between hate speech and free speech, and identifying echo chambers and filter bubbles, and more.

The workshop is completely free, with travel costs of up to £20 covered for each teacher in attendance. The day will run from 8.30am to 2.30pm, and will include a complimentary breakfast and lunch. Staff who attend will also receive a free tote bag with a printed copy of the unit of work and classroom decorations, including branded stickers and a poster. 

If this is something you would be interested in, please don’t hesitate to respond via email or by calling them directly on 0207 493 9333.

For advice regarding policy development, training, classroom workshops, FBV’s and concerns regarding Prevent; please contact Perryn Jasper, Prevent Education Officer,

Perryn Jasper
Prevent Education Officer

Last Minute Places on Signs of Safety Workshop 20 June 2018

For Information

Barnet Family Services vision is focused on making Barnet an even better place to live for all families through our Family Friendly Barnet: Resilient Families, Resilient Children approach. We are making sure that practitioners have the right “tool kit” to improve outcomes for children. This will be delivered via a clear practice framework using a variety of evidence based interventions that will build on family strengths enhancing resilience. The Signs of Safety (SoS) approach has been chosen as an important part of our resilience based practice “tool kit”.

This workshop is for those non-case holding staff who are not carrying out social work assessments of families and therefor do not need the 2 day practitioner training. This will include sessional and as and when staff as well as for example teachers, health visitors and staff from across the partnership who need to have a basic understanding of Signs of Safety methodology.

The workshop will focus on the following:

  • what is Signs of Safety
  • brief overview of the model
  • trying out some of the Signs of Safety methodology
  • thinking about what Signs of Safety might mean in your organization
  • understanding Barnet Family Services SoS Implementation Journey 

This event is aimed at staff in the partnership who do not require the 2 day Signs of Safety Practitioners Course. This will include non-case holding/non-social work staff who have contact with children and families, as well as sessional and as and when staff. Staff from health (eg HVs), education (SEN and Designated Staff) and voluntary sectors should attend.

Liz Shaw
Practice Development Worker and Signs of Safety Practice Implementation Lead

Healthy Places Survey

For Information

Barnet Council’s Healthy Places team is identifying ways to reduce health inequalities across the borough and ensure good health for all residents. One such way is by working with planning teams to enact stricter planning guidelines and regulations on the establishment of hot food takeaways in the borough. Other London boroughs have implemented this work, which would prevent new takeaways from opening within a specified distance of secondary schools.

There is a large body of evidence to support the link between hot food takeaways and levels of obesity in children. The Healthy Places team is hoping to conduct a large-scale research survey, focusing on Year 10 students’ takeaway consumption behaviour. This survey presents an opportunity for Barnet to be a leader in providing evidence that would support a joined-up approach to tackling health outcome inequalities for a number of strategies.

We would like to understand Year 10 student behaviour around visiting hot food takeaways, particularly when and why they go, and what they buy when they go. We have created a questionnaire and request that year 10 students complete it at school. It should take no longer than ten minutes to complete.

You can access the survey here:

Your participation would be much appreciated. If you have any questions or would like to discuss it further, please do not hesitate to contact Nic Wells at or on 02083595319.

Nicholas Wells
Public Health Project Manager

Early Years Outreach Officer Vacancy

For Information

An exciting development opportunity has arisen and we are seeking a short term, fixed contract Early Years Outreach Worker to join our South Locality Children’s Centre. The Early Years Outreach Worker is an exciting and demanding role in which you would be responsible for:

  • Work as part of staff providing children’s centre outreach services to ensure the effective delivery of universal and preventative services, enabling access to specialist and targeted support for families where appropriate;
  • Identify and register families with young children within the locality, encouraging, facilitating and monitoring access to provision to ensure that emerging needs are met at the earliest opportunity;
  • Set up and deliver and evaluate community based sessions, providing the best EYFS practice.

This is a full time (36hrs) fixed contract, until 31st December 2018. The successful candidate will need to be available to take up the opportunity asap.

Please send at least one A4 side submission about what skills and experience you feel you have relevant to the essential criteria on the person specification which is attached. 
All completed expressions of interest should be directed to Ewa Janowska-Clifton:,  by Monday 18 June 2018. 

Ewa Janowska-Clifton
Family Support and Outreach Manager

Getting Ahead London Programme - Last Chance to Apply

For Information

Information on applying now to the programme is as follows:

Take the next step on your leadership journey

If you’d like to step up to headship, but aren’t sure how to get there, then consider applying to the Getting Ahead London Programme. The Mayor of London is running a third year of his scheme for senior leaders in London: Getting Ahead London. Delivered by Challenge Partners, a place on this scheme can give you prestigious, bespoke training and support to help you on your journey to becoming a headteacher in the capital. We are particularly keen to ensure that women and BAME senior leaders are well represented among senior leader applicants, to strengthen further the diversity within the successful participant cohorts in the previous two years.

The support offered includes:

  • Coaching from highly experienced London heads to help participants fulfil their leadership potential
  • Help to navigate existing leadership opportunities
  • Face to face leadership development and networking events with world-class businesses
  • Online tools and resources to support your development
  • Support with applying for jobs and preparing for interviews

To take part in the programme you must:

  • Be a senior leader in a school in London
  • Commit to attending 10 days, or half days, of events and coaching throughout the year
  • Agree to pay £500

The deadline for applications is Friday 15 June, 3pm, the form can be found here.

Jason Lever, Education Policy Manager
Education and Youth Team
Greater London Authority





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